Summary: Baptism is an amazing picture of three things

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Matthew 28:19

Baptist Distinctives: Baptism


A. Matthew 28:19

B. Though baptism is a subject we don’t often discuss, it is one that raises questions in our minds. (Work through PP questions & pictures)

C. Historically few things so controversial as baptism: John the Baptist, infant baptism, sprinkling / pouring, believer’s baptism

D. We believe there are four identifying marks of a valid or scriptural baptism

E. For a subject so controversial – baptism has become a neglected and ignored practice – tragic considering its importance in discipleship process.

F. Today I want us to consider that importance

G. Baptism is nothing more than a divine object lesson. It is a picture of something and someone significant. But its not just a picture of something or someone – it is a bold and daring statement about you.

Baptism Is A Picture Of Something Significant

A. You remember that John refused to baptize some Pharisees – why?

B. Romans 6:1-11

1. Baptism pictures a death, burial and resurrection

2. This passage is not about water baptism. Water baptism is a picture of what this passage is about.

a. When Jesus died – God reckoned that death to you

b. When Jesus was buried – God reckoned that to you

c. When Jesus rose to new life – God reckoned that to you

d. You have been baptized, immersed in the saving work of Christ

3. Baptism is a picture of all that

Baptism Is A Picture Of Someone Significant

A. If baptism is a picture of something significant, then even more so it reminds us of the one it is about.

B. We proclaim to the world that we have died; that we have buried that old dead man and that we have been resurrected to a new life, but none of that is possible without the Savior sent from God.

C. It was His resurrection that made possible our new life. It was His sacrificial death and burial that made is possible for us to die to sin. It was His sinless life that made possible His sacrificial death, and His immeasurable love for us that paved the way for the Savior to come.

Baptism Is A Bold And Daring Statement About You

A. Explain the significance of a 1st century Jew being baptized

B. Today we are baptized in relative anonymity – what’s the difference?

C. But baptism should symbolize something significant in your life.

1. Jesus said that we are to be disciples – Jesus followers: imitators

2. Baptism is the first step in that direction – it is the first part of true discipleship.

D. Baptism is an amazing picture of three bold declarations you should have made at the time:

1. You have chosen to identify with Christ

2. You have committed yourself to the discipleship process

3. A transformation has and is continuing to take place in your life so that when it’s all said and done people only see Jesus through you.

E. Its all about a total life commitment to being a disciple, a follower, an imitator of Jesus Christ.

1. Jesus loved the undeserving – and now you will to

2. Jesus forgave undeserving people – and now you will to

3. Jesus refused to flirt around with sin – you do to

4. Jesus was absolutely committed to the cross – and so are you

F. So baptism in the 1st century meant something that has been lost today. It cost you nothing or very little to be baptized.

1. I met a lady who was married to a Jehovah’s Witness. Her husband was going to be rejected by his family if he was baptized – so he never has been. He enjoys peace with his wife because she believes he is a secret Christian. He enjoys peace with his family because they believe he is one of them. But is he really at peace with God?

G. Would you get baptized again if you thought it would cost you something? If everyone would know that you were truly making the kind of declaration baptism pictures?

1. Would you follow Christ in baptism if we announced it in the paper? If we ran it on TV and radio?

2. Would you go through with it again if we used the media to proclaim to the world that _____________________ have made a public commitment to turn away from all that’s sinful to walk with Jesus Christ? Would you do it if we proclaimed to the world that from this point forward you were a new creation in Christ Jesus?

H. I’m not asking you to be baptized or rebaptized today unless you are ready to commit your life to being a disciple of Jesus Christ. If you are ready to identify with Him, commit yourself to Him, commit yourself to a total life transformation.

I. But if you have been baptized – will you live in such a way that your life shouts to the world that you too have been buried with Christ by baptism, raised to walk in newness of life?

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