Summary: Last in my Baptism series. This sermon serves as a reminder of our baptisms.

I love the story about the older couple that had trouble remembering common, day-to-day things. They both decided that they would write down requests the other had, and so try to avoid forgetting. One evening the wife asked if the husband would like anything. He replied, “Yes. I’d like a large ice-cream sundae with chocolate ice cream, whipped cream and a cherry on top.” The wife started off for the kitchen and the husband shouted after her, “Aren’t you going to write it down?” “Don’t be silly,” she hollered back, “I’m going to fix it right now. I won’t forget.”

She was gone for quite some time. When she finally returned, she set down in front of him a large plate of hashbrowns, eggs, bacon, and a glass of orange juice. He took a look and said “I knew you should have written it down! You forgot the toast!”

When I was in Youth Ministry I would like to have so what sessions. During a retreat or a youth rally I would like to just stop and say so what? So what does this mean to me? So what does this change in my mind? So what am I going to do now?

Over the past 3 months we have looked at baptism. And I know that a majority of those here today are baptized believers. As we look back at the past three months I ask you “So what?”

Today we are going to close our series on Baptism with the thought; Where We Have Been Forgetful.

You see I believe that our baptism is a mile marker in our life that we can look back on and remember what happened in that moment. But too often we forget. There are so many of us that struggle with our memory.

The Mayo Clinic did a study where they reported that people today suffer from information overload. We are bombarded with so much information that we are forced to forget things.

I like the story about the politician who was trying to drum up votes, and went to spend the day at a retirement home. As he walked around introducing himself to the residents of the home trying to get their support he approached a little lady in the craft room. He asked her “Ma’am, do you know who I am?” With out looking up from her crochet she said, “No sir, but if you walk down the hall way there is a nurse who can help you out.”

We all struggle with being forgetful. And spiritually we struggle even more so. Did you know that a majority of the passages in the Bible that deal with Baptism are written to Christians? You see often we use passages in Romans, Colossians, and 1 Peter to prove that you need to be baptized. That may be true but a majority of the texts were written to those who were already saved to serve as a reminder of their new birth.

You see to Paul baptism is a reference point, a mile marker in your life. This reference point serves to remind us of a couple of things.

1) That we are saved by Grace.

Anytime that we get all puffed up thinking that I can be good enough to save myself. My baptism reminds me that I can only be saved by the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

I couldn’t save myself I have to rely on what Christ did to save me.

2) It reminds us of who and whose we are.

When I remember my baptism I am challenged to live like a child of God. I am reminded of the pledge that I made to God at that moment. And so a lot of passages in the New Testament serve as a reminder of that.

Let’s turn to Colossians 3 today and look at what Paul has to say to remind us of our baptisms.

You remember that our Scripture reading today told us that we were buried and raised with Christ in our baptism.

Now in Chapter 3 we are going to be reminded of how a Baptized believer lives.

In the 1980’s a very popular show was “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” Hosted by Robin Leach. Well God had the idea first, and in Colossians 3 we see Lifestyles of the saved and forgiven.

Let’s start at verses 1-4

What is the first thing we should remember: I See Life From a New Perspective.

He says that we are in a new position. Look at the words that he uses here.

First of all he says that you have died. At the moment of your baptism your worldly self died. Have see the pictures of the baptisms that were taking place in Iraq? They dug a hole in the ground, much like a grave, and allowed the old man to die.

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