Summary: Everyone is Baptized and Filled with The Holy Spirit, or are they?

Do all Christians receive the Holy Spirit through the Baptism at the time of conversion? Yes they do! Then, why do we refer to the Infilling of the Holy Spirit? There is a significant difference. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit occurs during the time of conversion when Jesus Christ is accepted as our Lord and Savior. The Infilling of the Holy Spirit occurs at the same time insomuch as all nine gifts are available to all born again children of God. Paul writes in I Corinthians 12:1 that he would not have us IGNORANT. Herein we learn to recognize that Christ takes up residence when we open our hearts door to receive him, and this is the Baptism of the Holy Spirit in our person. The Infilling occurs by bringing evidence of the gifts in our life through a demonstration of the gifts. Contrary to popular belief, speaking in tongues is not a sign of salvation! Neither is working a miracle! Faith on the other hand is! Without faith it is impossible to please God (Heb.11:6). Faith comes by hearing the Word of God (Rom 10:17) which means we cannot have faith in God without hearing the Word. It’s that simple.With faith we come to the conclusion, that we receive Christ in our heart through the Baptism, and we receive faith by hearing thus being filled with one of the nine gifts of the Spirit according to I Cor.12:9.

If the nine gifts are for us today, and we understand, the difference between being Baptized the the Spirit and Being Filled with His Spirit, then we must recognize all nine gifts are for us today. Yet, God gives the gifts as He wills. Some may be reciepants to all nine gifts while others may only have one such as faith, or may have two, three, six, or all nine. God gives as he wills (I Cor.12:11).

There are nine gifts of the Holy Spirit to fill and equip us for the work of mininstering to the lost here and around the globe. Wisdom, Knowledge, Faith, Healing,Miracles, Prophesy, Discernment, Tongues, and Interpretation of Tongues.

Paul wrote of the danger of considering tongues as the primary evidence of salvation. I Cor.12:12 stated we are all one in the body of Christ. Verse 13 goes on to state we are baptized (born into and Christ entering by the Holy Spirit)into eternal life by accepting him as our savior and we receive his gifts to accompany our salvation (furthur equip us). The Infilling allows us to preform the task at hand to bring others into the knowledge of Christ our savior and Lord. Those speaking in tongues do not speak to men but to God only according to I Cor. 14:2. Those who prophesy speak to men to edify, exhort, and comfort them. This is God speaking to men through other men to cause them to come to their senses, and know Christ before it is too late. Edification gives them hope, Exortation gives them the Word of God, and Comfort to their lost soul to know they have a choice and can accept Christ and be saved and go to Heaven.

I Cor. 14:19 reminds us of the importance of speaking in a known language rather than confusing unbelievers and deminishing the work of God. Verse 22 also instructs us of the need to know tongues are for a sign, to the unbeliever. Prophesy is for the Believer. These signs shall follow them that believe.

Verse 27 gives us instruction to know speaking in tongues requires us to follow Gods plan of two or three witnesses and by one interpreter. Verse 33 lets us know God is not the author of confusion but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.

Be Baptized in the Spirit when you accept Christ as your Savior and be Filled with the Spirit to do the work HE has called you to do!

Be Blessed in Christ!

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