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Battling to be Forgiven

Read Luke 7:36-48

Look at someone and tell em I have ears to hear, what the Spirit has to say to me, and Im gonna get my blessing

You don’t come to Jesus by accident! All of you here are here for a reason

3 Struggles to battle to get your forgiveness- it is already yours by the work of Christ you just gotta claim it.

“Jesus loves you the most & paid the maximum penalty to give you the maximum forgiveness & freedom”

1. Yourself- your mind and emotions

A. Give background about the woman=

Prostitute, heavily looked down upon, scum of the town people would have been unclean to touch her. WASH

This woman knew what she was walking into. You think she found it so easy to just walk in there?

Like Peter, day of Pentecost, I’m sure at first when those guys stood up and said you are all a bunch of drunks

Peter probably didn’t think much like “hey, I’m going to show him a thing or two” no I bet his instinct was to run.

B. You may have to get past your own guilt and feelings towards yourself that no matter what you have done or are doing the Jesus will accept you (John 6:37)

C. You have to be humble=Humility is power under control. James 4:10

2. Others- Peer Pressure

Pharisees were the “fun Police” and the tattle tales and finger pointers and hypocrites!

A. You may know people who tease others for being bible-thumpers holy rollers or church boy

B. Your family may not be saved and tell you its for weaklings or its stupid or its all in your head or its mind control. i.e. cultish.

C. Lets face it sin is fun, sin is cool, SINNING IS NOT, but if it weren’t than we wouldn’t be tempted.

1 Cor. 10:13

3. Satan- demonic force

A. Satan does not want you to be humble and sorry and courageous b/c then you will be a deadly weapon.

1 Jn.4:4

B. Satan will try to keep you from God and His Word- I.E. this ladies life… examples “how I got to be here”


C. Satan will use everything he can to prevent you from knowing the truth

he will use a hard heart, a traumatic event in your past, harsh words spoken over you, even things you have done to yourself – Neh.9 :16-17

How to overcome - reread Luke 7:44-46

A. Be willing to be willing! Surrender 1 Pet 5:6

B. Be a Servant – Matt 23:11

C. Be ready to receive by faith – Eph. 2:8

Conclusion- Luke 7:47 He who is forgiven much loves much, but he who forgives little loves little.

“Jesus loves you the most & paid the maximum penalty to give you the maximum forgiveness & freedom”

Altar Call- Maybe you are like that woman on your last thread and you have no one else and you feel like nobody, Jesus will forgive you and love you and make you a son and an heir Gal 4:7

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