Summary: 2nd in a series on Spiritual warfare

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Chico Alliance Church

July 2, 2006

Pastor David Welch

"Spiritually Aware, Alert, Armed and Aggressive" Pt 2


I. Be Aware

A. Aware of God and His purposes

B. Aware of our Worth and position in Christ

C. Aware of the battlefields

1. Fight with the WORLD

2. Fight with the FLESH

3. Battle with DEVIL and his angels

D. Be aware of the enemy

II. Be Alert

The Scripture instructs us to be continually aware and alert to attack. We are at war and there is no real rest on the front lines of war. It is when we try lay back and try to carve out a comfortable niche in this life down here that we become open targets and susceptible to the subtle schemes of the evil one. We must live this life alert and sober not asleep and numbed out. We develop alertness through the Word and prayer.

A. Alert to broken down walls of protection

God established certain spiritual laws as real and unshakable as the natural laws of physics. When violate these laws consequences occur and more opportunity for greater demonic influence. Similar to the laws of physics, these consequences come upon believer and unbeliever alike. You violate the law, you suffer the consequences. God established natural protection through various means.

1.Living according to the Ways of God (Biblical Morality)

2.Protection of a Strong Family Line

3.Protection of the Church

4.Protection of Government

Alert to Avenues of Invasion (Influence)

Before proceeding it would be advantageous to briefly address the issue of demons and Christians.

Main objections to demonic invasion of saints

• Light (God) and darkness (evil) can’t dwell in the same place.

• The Bible does not clearly indicate those influenced by demons were Christian or not.

• How can someone be indwelt by the Holy Spirit and an evil spirit at the same time?

Basic Thoughts

• God’s presence is everywhere. Even Satan had access to God’s presence to accuse the saints. The sin we commit and the sin which indwells the flesh is evil in God’s sight and yet He still chooses by His grace to fellowship with us.

• The Bible does not indicate the saved or unsaved state of the person because demonic influence takes place when spiritual principles are violated by believer and unbeliever alike. Willfully walking in front of an oncoming vehicle will cause my death or great injury regardless of whether I am a believer or not.

• Demons do not have ownership of the Christian. When given permission however they can exhibit a degree of control. The biblical term should be translated “demonized” indicating one under the influence (not ownership) of a demon. The common translation “Demon-possessed” is misleading and freighted with emotional baggage. The term “demonize” can be used to indicate demonic influence in any range from slight (Jewish worshipper in the synagogue on the Sabbath) to severe (uncontrollable man in the tombs breaking chains.)

Freedom from demonic influence or pressure (deliverance) is the privilege of the people of God.

Matthew 15:21-28

Evil spirits must gain permission to set up a base of operation in the flesh. External harassment is normal operation for every Christian seeking to live for Christ in a devil directed world. In order to gain a foothold, or establish fortresses they must get specific permission. Satan and his sorry soldiers will work through anyone that will give them that permission. That permission is obtained through various methods.

5.Direct permission from God

God may grant permission to Satan for the accomplishment of His ultimate purposes as in the case of Job or the Apostle Paul.

6.Ancestral permission

The Scriptures are clear that ancestral sin grants certain avenues of harassment to subsequent generations.

7.Permission granted by our own willful sin

Ephesians 4 calls us to not to give place to the devil through our anger and continual sin.

8.Permission gained through some traumatic experience


Satan gets us to believe some lie about ourselves, God, others, himself.

10.Intimate association with a demonized individual

Gal 6 indicates "Bad company corrupts good morals"

11.Untested "spiritual" or religious experiences

12.Participation or association in a cult group

13.Participation in any prohibited witchcraft activity

Games, people, sorcery

B. Alert to the specific arenas of attack

1.Operate in and through the thoughts

2.Operate in and through the emotions

3.Operate in and through the will

4.Operate in the body

5.Operate through other people

C. Alert to specific schemes

1.Empty promises of Eden without God

"Be like God"

2.Subtle lies


4.Threat and intimidation

D. Alert to symptoms of bondage

1.Areas where I have lost the ability to choose.

2.Areas of plaguing compulsion

3.Plaguing thoughts of evil that cause me repulsion

4.Uncontrolled feelings of anger and bitterness

5.Plaguing fear that keeps me from doing what I ought.

6.Unexplainable physical symptoms with no cause.

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