Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Be doers of the Word as we wait for the return of Christ to earth.

Last week we finished Chapter 21 of Luke. Several weeks ago, during Holy Week, we looked at Luke Chapters 22-23. And so today, we will actually finish our study of the Gospel of Luke. Open your Bibles to the end of the Gospel of Luke….

At this time, I am thinking next week that we would look into the letters of the Apostle Peter. We noted how Peter denied Jesus but Jesus told Peter to strengthen Christians once he repents. So, let us learn more about our Lord Jesus Christ today then starting next week, be strengthened in our faith through the Apostle Peter.

Read along with me Luke 24:36-53…….

What can we learn about Jesus Christ from this passage?

What happened in v36? Turn briefly with me to John 20:19….

And so we note the situation; the disciples were so afraid that they locked themselves in a room; then back to Luke 24:36, While they were still talking about this, Jesus himself stood among them and said to them, “Peace be with you.” Were the Disciples just hearing voices? What do we read in v37-43? The disciples saw Jesus Christ (they thought He was a ghost) and then Jesus had them touch His hands and feet! We also note that Jesus got hungry!

After Jesus was severely beaten and crucified to death, Jesus rose from the grave, Jesus had a physical body which was able to go through walls!

Jesus rose from the dead with a resurrected body which was both physical and supernatural!

Ever wonder what type of body you will have when you go to heaven? Jesus gives us an example here!

Now, look again at v37; The disciples were startled and frightened! Because of my sense of humor, this is one of my favorite passages. I can picture the faces of the disciples as they were frightened. Imagine for a moment how you would feel if Jesus all of a sudden just appeared right beside you.

Now, what if Jesus suddenly appeared right beside you then poked you and said “BOOO!”? Many of us would probably have a heart attack!

But what did Jesus actually say? – “Peace be with you!” Remember that the disciples were already frightened, thinking they would be the next ones to be crucified. Jesus did not show up to the disciples to scare them but to comfort them!

Did you notice what Jesus did when the disciples were still freaked out even after showing them His hands and feet? Jesus asked to have a meal with them. I wonder why the disciples gave Jesus broiled fish? Of course there can be many reasons why the broiled fish; maybe fish is all they had; maybe they had rice and tomatoes with the fish; maybe they were hoping Jesus would multiply the fish! Whatever the reason, Jesus ate the fish in their presence; in other words, in the midst of their fears, Jesus dined and fellowshipped with the disciples!

Let me just quickly note here that even today, in the midst of any troubles or fears, God Jesus Christ desires to comfort and fellowship with us.

What else do we note Jesus did in the midst of the fears of the disciples?

v44: Jesus reminded them of His promises and that they are now coming true.

v45: Jesus helped them to understand the word of God! Only through belief and understanding of Jesus Christ can one understand the Bible! When you and I are reading and studying the Bible, let us make sure we are looking for and listening for Jesus in every passage.

And what was Jesus saying to them in v48? You are witnesses of these things. I think we can easily miss what Jesus was saying here. I think the disciples themselves were missing how special that statement was. Jesus was saying, the disciples are very special; there will be never be anyone like the first disciples to witness what God did on earth!

And in v49, Jesus gave the disciples another wonderful promise! - The presence of the Holy Spirit within them!

In v50-51, we read Jesus leaving the Disciples. What 2 things did Jesus do for the disciples before going back to heaven??

a. Jesus blessed them (eulogeo)! i.e. He loved them!

b. Jesus honored them with the vision of His Ascension. Jesus honored them by showing them how to fly!

And so, Jesus did all those things for the disciples, then He left them! How did the disciples respond to Jesus? Did they get upset with Jesus leaving them? Do we ever wonder why God is not present in our lives? Let us note that it is never God’s fault. God is always present.

As Jesus left them we read in v52-53 how the disciples acted:

a. They worshiped Jesus.

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