Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: 20 Signs of Imminent Return of the LOrd & 5 Ways we MUST be ready. Pastors, please preach this widely & urgently !!

20 Signs of the IMMINENT RETURN of the Lord Jesus Christ

(1) Deception (Matthew 24:4,5,11)

(2) Wars and rumours of wars including the WAR on TERROR. (Matthew 24:6,7a)

(3) Famines (Matthew 24:7b)

(4) Earthquakes (Matthew 24:7c).

(5) Persecutions and Martyrdom (Matthew 24:9)

(6) Betrayal between Christians (Matthew 24:10)

(7) Backsliding, Apathy (Matthew 24:12; Revelation 3:15,16)

(8) World-wide Proclamation of the Gospel (Acts 2:16,17; see also Colossians 1:23b; Revelation 7:1-8 & 11:1-12).

(9) “Latter Rain” (Joel 2:28,29 “afterward”; Acts 2:17-21 “in the last days”) … includes part of fulfilling Daniel 12:4 = increase of BIBLE knowledge, including the un-sealing of the understanding of the Book of Daniel, by the Holy Spirit. .

(10) Cloning – a medical “tower of Babel” (Genesis 11:1-9) = man over-stepping his boundaries into God’s Sovereign life-giving role … another part of fulfilling Daniel 12:4 = increase of knowledge

(11) Space Exploration – a technological and geographical “tower of Babel” = man over-stepping his boundaries into God’s Sovereign Heavens, when He gave man authority over the Earth. (Genesis 1:28; Obadiah 1:4b) … another part of fulfilling Daniel 12:4 = increase of knowledge and people running to & fro = speed of transportation.

(12) KEEP YOUR EYES on Israel & the Middle East –

(a) the election of a hard-line, anti-Israel Iranian President, who seems to think he is an Islamic ‘messiah’.

(b) the election of the hard-line anti-Israel Hamas government in Palestine;

(c) the failure of the Russians to ban the expansion of Iran’s nuclear programme in U.N. discussions.

(d) the decision of the Russians to provide funding to HAMAS, due to the withdrawal of moneys from Europe & USA. Russia wants to increase her influence in the Middle East ….. just as the Bible prophesies !

(e) the stroke that side-lined Ariel Sharon from leading Israel to peace with the Palestinians; & the decision of Ehud Olmert to draw up unilateral Israeli borders.

(f) there will be a Peace Treaty … and it will probably come SOONER than we think !

(13) Pastor Alistair Gardiner taught 30 years ago about the rise of the militaristic Sunnii & Shiite Muslims, as the last great power block to arise in the End Times.

(14) The Formation of other multi-national confederacies including the European Union, ASEAN and the globalisation of the world’s economic systems. The popularity of credit cards, internet banking & even tattoos and body piercing, (Revelation.13:16-18).

(15) The BIRD FLU (like A.I.D.S.) is a fore-runner of the End Time – Great Tribulation Judgement Plagues. It could be a Pandemic, not merely an Epidemic. (Revelation 6:8)

(16) GLOBAL WARMING The earth has probably already passed its ’tipping point’. (Revelation 16:8,9)

(17) Days of Noah (Matthew 24:37-39 & Genesis 6:1-13)

(18) Days of Lot (Luke 17:28-30)

(19) Days described by Paul in 2 Timothy 3:1-5 Ampl.

(20) TIME IS RUNNING OUT. If you believe that Adam & Eve were created around 4,000 B.C, then according to the pattern of creation (Genesis 1:31-2:3; 2 Peter 3:8), the equivalent of God’s Day of Rest, namely, The Millenium is due SOON. (Revelation 20:1-6). Similarly, Jesus was resurrected EARLY on the morning of the 3rd Day. If you believe that His Resurrection is symbolic of His Return, then we are NOW early in the 3rd millennium since Christ – so He could come at ANY time ! HALLELUJAH !

WHAT would you DO – or WHAT would you DO DIFFERENTLY - if you had only 6 months/weeks/days to LIVE?

5 Ways in which we MUST respond to the SIGNS of the END-TIMES; or 5 Ways by which GOD will measure our READINESS for the COMING AGAIN of KING JESUS.

(i) BE HOLY. (2 Peter 3:3-14; James 5:8,9)

(ii) BE WATCHFUL. (Matthew 24:42-44)

(iii) BE PRAYERFUL. (Luke 18:1-7)

(iv) BE FULL of FAITH (Luke 18:8)

(v) BE BUSY doing what GOD wants you to do with your life. (Matthew 24:45-25:46) … Pastors & Teachers – GO and PREACH THIS MESSAGE & believe for SOULS & SIGNS to follow it.

Summary of End Times series by Nick Watson, Senior Pastor, Bayside Christian Family Church

nwat5283@bigpond.net.au; 0400332993

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Phillip Wright

commented on Sep 21, 2006

I like your work, bringing Scripture and linking it to today's events. I am reading a lot on the end times, preparing for a series. Thank you. Phil

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