Summary: why and can we be strong and courageous today in america?

After much thought and prayers, I have decided to do messages from the Book of Joshua. As we face challenges in America these days, there is much to learn and apply from Joshua. What do you know about Joshua as he hung out with Moses??

Exodus 17 – a warrior

Numbers 11 – Moses’ aide since youth

Nunbers 14 – only Joshua and Caleb could enter the promised land

Numbers 27 – spirit of leadership

Deut 1 – Moses was to encourage Joshua because he would lead the people

Deut 31 – God directly commanded Joshua

Deut 34 – filled with spirit of wisdom (through laying of hands by Moses)

Let us continue to learn from God’s Word, through Joshua…..

Read along with me Joshua 1:1-9…..

From v1, what happened to Joshua?? God spoke to Joshua!

v2: God instructed Joshua to get himself and the Israelites ready to cross the Jordan River.

Why did they have to get ready??

They had to cross a river!

The people across the river were not friendly to the Israelites!

They had to get ready for a battle.

Even though it likely meant war, why should Joshua obey God??

a. It was God telling him.

b. God promised the land for them!

c. God promised victory (v5)!

Then, why do you think God told Joshua to be strong and courageous in v6??

Joshua had to lead the people, likely over 2 million!

v7: Joshua was instructed to obey the Law. What was the Law?? – The written Word of God!

How specific was Joshua to follow God’s Law??

What was God’s promise at the end of v7??

And how could Joshua actually be careful in doing God’s Word according to v8??

Why did God state that question at the beginning of v9??

God was encouraging Joshua that It was God’s plan that he will be doing!!

What biblical principles can we apply to our lives today?

God spoke directly to Joshua. Can people use the excuse that God does not speak to them??

1. God speaks to all of us directly and gives us instructions through the Bible!

2. What type of battles are Christians facing today??

How can we be victorious of these battles?

3. God had a plan for Joshua and the Israelites, what is God’s plan for Christians??

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