Summary: Can one grow in Grace? What is grace? How to grow in grace. A sermon that will answer these questions and open doors for your life. A must!

Be strong in the Grace!

Luk 2:48-52 and

II Tim 2:1-2


Luke 2:52 especially “And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and men” and

II Tim 2:1 “Be strong in the Grace”

Paul instructs the young Timothy to be strong in Grace.

In other words “Grow in Grace”

The Greek words for

Strong is endoonamoo which means increase in strength

Grace is Charis (Our word Charity) means Favour

Paul says “My son, increase in the favour that is in Christ Jesus: (II Tim 2:1)


1. Can one grow in Grace?

2. How do we grow in grace?

The definition of Grace is simply "God’s favour".

Let’s answer Q1

Yes we can grow in Gods grace

·Paul instructs Timothy to grow in grace.

·Jesus increased in grace Luk 2:52.

·Samuel grew in grace before the Lord and Man I Sam 2:26

Answer Q2

How do we then grow in Grace?

2 Pet 1:2 “Grace and Peace be multiplied

2 Pet 3:18 but grow in grace

How do we do this?

By first of all understanding that; Grace is for free.

God gives grace!

Let’s look at salvation:

· God gives salvation.

· Rom 6:23 “Gift of God”

· Eph 2:8 “free Gift”

· We receive it that’s all we do. You can’t earn it.

What about healing:

· God gives healing.

· Isaiah 53:5 Wounded, bruised, chastisement, by stripes we’re healed.

· We receive it.

Same with Grace:

· God gives grace/favour.

· James: 4:6

· We get a clue here to grow grace/favour – by humility

· I Pet 5:5

God gives grace/favour to the….. Humble.

Look at Luk 2:51

What did Jesus do? Subject to them – means obeyed them—

Humility brings obedience

Obedience brings humility.

Obedience and humility to God brings God’s favour.

But God resists the Proud……

Resist means a closed door..

Favour means open door….

I grew up between six sisters. That had benefits and disadvantages. The disadvantage was that I was always in the minority. Benefit was that I had my own room. That was my territory. I resisted any one of my sisters who wanted to invade my territory. We would have doors fights. Come-on don’t look so innocent. You know what I’m talking about. I would put my foot against the door and the cant come in. It’s amazing how many sisters one foot can hold out at once. I once had four pushing against the door. Well then I just let go…. It’s a funny picture to see four sisters on the floor on top of each other.

You see they had to win my favour to let me open the door for them.

Who knows that if God opens a door that no one can close it.

You see you can resist me, the system can resist, me the church can resist me BUT I don’t want God to resist me.

I want God favour!

Look at Luk 2:51 again. He first increased with favour of God

He was obedient and humble to God then….

He received favour with man.

This is how God’s grace works:

This is God’s grace

If you apply for job and you get three,

When you don’t seek a job but a job seeks you

When people think you are so lucky to get that promotion.

Let’s pray

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