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Reading: 2 Timothy chapter 2 verses 1-13.

In this chapter the apostle Paul presented a number of pictures;

• That describe not only the Christian minister, but also each Christian.

• We are going to look at five of those pictures tonight.

• Each picture has many applications;

• We could make three or four points on each picture mentioned.

• I am going to be very disciplined tonight;

• And just choose one or two applications from each of the four pictures mentioned.

(1). The steward (verses 1-2):

“You then, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus.

2 And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others”.


The word ‘Steward’ is not actually a Biblical word:

• And it is not in the text.

• It comes through the Anglo-Saxon, from the word ‘Sty warden’;

• A ‘Steward’ was someone who had the responsibility of looking after a sty (house),

• A steward was originally a House Warden.

In New Testament times the word translated into English in the K.J.B. as ‘Steward’:

• Is someone who had the responsibility of looking after not the building, house warden.

• But the occupants, those who indwelt the house.

• A ‘Steward’ carried the burden of responsibility for the household;

• To which he was appointed.

• It normally meant that the education and upbringing of the children was entrusted to him.

• It was a burden placed upon him from which he could not escape.

This word (although not biblical) is a great picture of what verses 1-2 are saying:

• Verses 1-2 are telling us two things;

• We are receivers and we are guardians.

(a) We are receivers of the Christian faith;

Timothy had a big advantage in his life that I for one did not have:

• He had a Jewish grandmother called Lois, who was converted to Jesus Christ.

• She was the first one in the family to come to faith.

• He also had a Jewish mother called Eunice;

• She too became a follower of Jesus Christ.

• As for his father we know very little;

• All we can glean about him in the Bible was that he was a Greek.

• Timothy heard the truth of the Christian faith from family members.

• “Faith comes through hearing, and hearing the word of God”.

Quote: BILLY GRAHAM who said:

“Children will invariably talk, eat, walk, think, respond, and act like their parents.

Give them a target to shoot at. Give them a goal to work toward. Give them a pattern that they can see clearly, and you give them something that gold and silver cannot buy”.

• Timothy’s mother and grandmother had given him something that gold and silver cannot buy.

• A sincere faith, that brought him into contact with the living Christ.

• His mother Eunice & grandmother Lois had sown the seed in his heart(chapter 1 verse 5)

• But it was Paul who reaped the harvest, Paul that led him to the Lord;

But notice there is a second witness mentioned in verse 2:

• The words that Paul spoke to Timothy;

• Were confirmed by many witness

• Timothy encountered many people who were willing to say:

• "These words of Paul are true-and I know it, because I have found it so in my own life."


• You might not be a great preacher,

• You might not be an upfront, a public person.

• But every Christian is a witness and can back up what is being said;

• "These words are true-and I know it, because I have found it so in my own life."

(b) We are guardians of the Christian faith;

• It is not only a privilege to receive the Christian faith,

• It is a duty to transmit it.

• If we want folks to be saved we must speak out the gospel to them;

• Challenge: When did you last speak to a stranger? Family member or friend?

• Every Christian must look on himself as a link between two generations.

• Quote: E. K. Simpson writes on this passage:

"The torch of heavenly light must be transmitted unquenched from one generation to another, and Timothy must count himself an intermediary between apostolic and later ages."


One day King George V:

• Was to give the opening address at a special disarmament conference,

• The speech was to be relayed by radio to the U.S.A.

• As the broadcast was about to begin, a cable broke in the New York radio station,

• And more than a million listeners were left without sound.

• A junior mechanic in the station,

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