Summary: Sermon to challenged other to move forward and trust that God will give you the victory.

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Beating the Odds

Judges 3:31

The word odds is define as the following

1 archaic : inequalities b obsolete : degree of unlikeness

2a : an amount by which one thing exceeds or falls short of another b (1) : a difference favoring one of two opposed things (2) : a difference in terms of advantage or disadvantage c (1) : the probability that one thing is so or will happen rather than another : chances (2) : the ratio of the probability of one event to that of an alternative event

3: disagreement, variance —usually used with at

4a : special favor : partiality b : an allowance granted by one making a bet to one accepting the bet and designed to equalize the chances favoring one of the bettors c : the ratio between the amount to be paid off for a winning bet and the amount of the bet

1 out of every 21 black male will be murdered.

1 out of 7 females will be raped by someone they know.

1 out of 49 by a stranger

1 out of 213 college students will drop out of college.

1 out of 31000,000 of winning lottery

1 out of 50 businesses will fail with in 18 months

you have a 90 to 1 odd of being on a plane where the pilot is drunk.

Beloved I want to preach to you today about beating the odds. In fact I want to touch and agree with you today in the name of Jesus that you can beat the odds. I don’t know what you’re facing I don’t know what you’re up against but what I do know is this if you can focus on Jesus and remember that He’s greater then anything, He’s greater then any person, he’s greater then any thought, He’s greater then any desire, He’s greater then

1 John 4;4 says it this way greater is he who is in me then he who’s in the world

Not If I was a betting person I would have to put all my chip on this fact everybody under my voice today is facing something, no true I don’t know what you’re up against but I no all of us are facing something. Some of us, more then others. Some of us are facing so much until the odds appear to be against us.

Our subject today goes by the name Shamgar he’s only mention twice in the bible. The first time in Judges 3:31 the second Judges 5:6 . the book of Judges is full of cacaos chapter after chapter we find trouble, confusion, some would say Joy and Pain

Gods people were living in a time of terror, traveling day or night wasn’t safe. In fact people used back roads to avoid being attack, rob, or even murdered it was a bad situation in fact it appeared that the enemy was winning. It appeared that the odds had finally caught up with God people. Day after day the chi8ldren of god were suffering.

Just when it looked like the trouble was behind us. Out of nowhere down again every time it look like the storm was over thunder, lighting, hail, and down pour. Every time it look like we gain two steps forward then again four steps back.

Some of you have been curse out, kicked out , locked out, and knocked out by the blows of the enemy has been throwing and it looks like you out of it but I came to serve notice to you that God has not left you, but that’s not the case

Look what Shamgar does the bible says that with an ox goal he kills six hundred Philistine troops. An Ox Goal is a long stick with a pointed end used to guide or direct live stock in the direction which you want them to go. He doesn’t wait on the military, he doesn’t seek help from the federal government, nor does he calls on the National Guard but with a stick he enters the battlefield and with the help of God he kills 600 men. But not just men, but well train fighting troops. What’s the point beloved stop waiting for someone else to step up, stop waiting for someone else to step in but used what you got.

Ladies some of you are waiting to get married but I came to serve notice that its time to used what you got.

Men you keep talking about when you make it big, when you get your break I came to serve notice used what you got.

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