Summary: You can be beautiful or you can be a beast. What made Abigal beautiful? What made Nabal a fool?

Title: “The Beauty and the Beast”

Sub title: “I married a fool.”

Are you familiar with the story of Nabal and Abigail? If not, please take the time to read the entire chapter of 1 Samuel 25.

David has been anointed by Samuel to be the next King of Israel, but King Saul, in his jealousy, has kept him and the six hundred men with him isolated in the wilderness of Paran. David and his men continued to minister to the people of Israel by offering them protection from their enemies. They have been standing guard on the borders. In our text, David sends ten of his young men to the wealthy household of Nabal. They are to ask of him an offering to support their efforts. Nabal is a stubborn fool. He refuses to do so.

In anger, David tells his men to arm themselves to shed blood. On his way to act out his vengeance, he is met with the wife of Nabal. Her name is Abigail. The servants of Nabal had warned her of the impending danger and of the foolishness of her husband. She intercepts David and his men with an offering. David is encouraged by her faith, takes the offering and withdraws.

Ten days pass. Nabal learns of his wife’s gift to David, and God allows his already stony heart to turn to stone. David hears of the death of Nabal and takes Abigail to be his wife!

I have entitled today’s message, “The Beauty and the Beast.” First we will talk about the beast, that is, Nabal.


1. He would not listen to his Grandfather.

Note that in verse 17, the servants of Nabal tell Abigail that there master was a foolish man for he would not listen to anybody.

In the text of 1 Samuel 25, we find that Nabal is of the household of Caleb. Certainly Grandpa Caleb must have challenged his own sons and grandsons to serve and to obey the Lord. Nabal’s name meant “fool.” And like a fool, Nabal was not listening to grandpa.

2. He would not listen to his friends.

Note that the men who worked for him, said that Nabal would not listen to anybody. They must have told him time and time again of the blessings that David and his men had been to them. Their report was that David and his military men had been a wall of protection to them. Nabal wasn’t listening.

3. He would not listen to his wife.

Abigail did not even go to her husband when she made preparations to bring an offering to David and his men. “Why should she?” She must have thought to herself, “He won’t listen to me anyway.”

4. He would not listen to his own conscience.

Nabal had been blessed with much. When Abigail takes the offering to David, he does not even seem to miss what has been taken. Certainly, in his own conscience, he knew that God had blessed him so that he might be a blessing to others. The question might be asked “Nabal, how do you sleep at night?”

5. He would not listen to God.

Samuel, the prophet, had anointed David to be the King. Nabal referred to David as a runaway youth. Nabal was a fool.

Is there anything that God has asked of you? Are you listening?

Conclusion to the beast: His heart turned to stone.

THE BEAUTY (Abigail)

1. She saw the impending judgment.

She knew that David was coming with his horsemen. Are you aware that a great day of tribulation is about to come to planet earth? Read Book of Revelation and temble!

2. She saw the hurt of sin on the faces of the abused.

Certainly, Abigail could see the fear and sadness on the faces of the servants of Nabal as they related to her the foolishness of her husband. Nabal’s foolishness would mean their doom. Sin hurts. Look on the faces of the wives and of the children who have been injured by the foolishness of their rebellious fathers.

3. She saw the grace of God in her daily blessings.

She knew that David and his men had been a wall of protection to her and her household. She was thankful for the daily blessings.

4. She saw the plan of God unfolding.

Note the word of prophecy and of encouragement that she spoke to David in her intercession with him. She mentioned that she knew that he was the anointed King and that soon he would be sitting upon his rightful throne. She wanted to be apart of his coming kingdom. Abigail saw the “big” picture. Do you?

5. She saw that a sacrificial gift was her only hope.

The only hope that Abigail could envision was that of an offering presented to David.

Our only hope of redemption is the sacrificial offering that Christ made on our behalf at Calvary!

Happy Ending: Abigail became the Bride of the King.

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