Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: There will be a day as we are beginning to see when politics and religion will join hands in a false political and religious system.

Beauty and the Beast

Rev. 17:1-6

The developments in the Vatican the past couple of weeks has a lot to do with the future events of a one world order. The worldwide attention of the electing of a new Pope gives you the feel for how popular that position has become.

See: Rev. 17:3 And I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet colored beast…

1. The People

The Beast: The beast is a reference to the Antichrist as we have previously discussed from Rev. 13:1

The Woman: To identify her we must examine the things said about her

• She is referred to as “The Great Whore” Vs.1

This reference is related to religious fornication. See: Lev. 20:5-6

• She sitteth upon many waters Vs.1

The many water are people. Vs.2

• She is arrayed in purple and scarlet color and deck with gold etc.., Vs.4

These colors are usually associated with true religion, but it this case it refers to false religion that resembles truth.

• She is referred to as the “Mystery Babylon the Mother of all Harlots” Vs.5

This perhaps is the most significant statement given because Babylon comes from the word Babel.

See: Genesis 10:8-10 “The beginning of his kingdom was Babel

Babel: Confounded or Confusion and in the case here it was religious in nature and the tower of Babel is built as a high place to worship.

The story of Nimrod, Semiramis and their son Tammuz is the beginning of this false religious system.

See: Jeremiah 7:18, 44:17-19 and Ezekiel 8:14

This has affected every culture in the world though God confused their language men held on to their false religion.

Cybele – The Greece fertility Goddess

Si Wang Mu – The Chinese Goddess

See: Acts 19:23-27

Today we have a world religion that is base on the mother and child in which the mother is held as a goddess.

Catholicism = Universal or One World (The term use lately the church)

2. Their Purpose

Vs.1 She sitteth upon many waters See: Vs.15

Vs.2 The two are used to influence the world from a political and religious platform

Thought: When the Political and Religious system compromise true religion together its shapes up this world for a one world government.

See: Rev. 13:12 The false prophet promotes the one world rule under the Antichrists

I personally believe that the current Catholic system suits the position of the future false prophet as we will see in later verses in this study.

3. Their Persecution

See: Vs.6 I saw the woman drunk with the blood of the Saints

History records that Hitler used religion and some religious supporters against the Jews

Most Baptists today have little knowledge of the price paid by true Christians in their opposition to the false doctrines of baptismal regeneration and infant baptism. Thousands upon thousands were slaughtered by so-called religious people during the Inquisition and thousands more were murdered later by the Reformers of this religious system.

In the great tribulation they will once again killed people of faith under the leadership of the Antichrist.

Point: As many religious groups move to the left those that stay right of them will be persecuted for their stance on scripture.

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