Summary: Financial fairy tales we will be looking at this morning: We are going to look at the concept more will be enough.

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INTRO: It’s amazing to hear about the salaries and endorsements the professional athletes make. I heard someone discuss the earnings of Michael Jordan, the famous basketball player, when his earnings were at the peak.

Question: How much is enough income for a year?

Listen to some of these statistics.

>Michael made over $300,000 a game.

>Let’s assume he played 30 minutes of 60 minute regulation; that’s $10,000 a minute for

playing basketball.

>There was $40 million in endorsements beyond salary.

>Michael made $178,000 a day whether he showed up on the courts or not.

>Let’s assume Michael slept 7 hours a night; while he slept he made $52,000.

>When he went to a movie (you know how expensive movies are-7 or 8 dollars); while he was in the movie he made $18,550 dollars.

>Michael decided to make a 5 minute egg. He made $618 dollars watching it boil.

>He made $3,710 watching each episode of his favorite TV show.

>If he wanted to save $90,000 for a Mercedes Benz, it would have taken him 18 hours.

>Michael made twice as much as all of our past presidents – for all of their terms combined.

Question: How much is enough?

»Then there’s Bill Gates. Michael would have to save 100% of his income that I described, and he would have to save it for 270 years in order to have a net worth equivalent to that of Bill Gates.

Moral of the story: How much is enough? There is always someone with more.

Today: This begins a series of messages on the beauty and the beast. You can take out a dollar bill and behind George Washington there is either a beauty or a beast.

Question: How do we bring out the beauty and limit the beast?

-The way we do this is to expose some financial fairy tales and myths because if they go unchallenged it will lead to an unhappy ending to our lives.

This morning: We are going to look at the concept ’more will be enough.’

-Our culture thrives on this. The TV commercials, the ads, the sales all give the indirect idea that you need this; with it you’ll be happier.

Example: A self-made millionaire and big-business man was walking through his company one day and he overheard a couple of his employees talking. One of them was telling the other that if he had 500 dollars more he’d be set. So the owner walked over and mentioned that he had heard what the young man said. He handed him five 100 dollar bills and walked away and as he was leaving he heard the young man say to the other, "Man, I should have asked for a 1,000."

Question: How can I challenge this beast that says, "More will be enough"?

Answer: In one word—contentment. The weapon I can use against this beast is the sword of contentment. -It may take a lifetime to perfect, but I can begin today to implement it.

I. What is contentment? Some people view contentment as laziness (sitting back and letting God do it all). -Untrue, not scripturally true.

A. Difference in working for the beast (more will be enough) than working for the glory of God.

1. Contentment is not laziness. Contentment has to do with one word—enough.

2. When I’m content, it does not affect my work ethic. It does not affect my business savvy. -When I’m content, it releases me to focus on what really matters.

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