Summary: Do not be under the misconception that when the Holy Spirit comes, you will be filled automatically with the mercy of God. No, it is not a magic!


Introduction: In Matthew 5:3 and 5:4, we saw how a man can get saved and in the next two verses i.e. in verses 5 and 6, we saw the two qualities which accompany a saved person. But, the Lord is also talking about two other qualities in the next two verses, which should be acquired after lot of experience in facing tribulations and temptations. Unlike the first two qualities of meekness, and hunger and thirst for righteousness, which will immediately manifest in a saved person, these two qualities which we are going to meditate next, i.e. mercy (in verse 7) and holiness (in verse 8), will take a very long time, and in most cases a life time to be acquired even in small quantities.

As a result of your salvation, you will become meek and also hunger and thirst after righteousness. But, being filled with mercy and holiness is not so easy. We will now meditate on how we can become merciful so that we can also obtain mercy when we most need it, as the Lord is speaking through Matthew 5:7.

Mercy of God is different from mercy of men. In Matthew 5:7, the kind of mercy Jesus is speaking about is the mercy of God. We have to be filled with the same kind of mercy towards others as that of God’s. God’s mercy towards us is too great to be fully comprehended by reading about it. It has to be experienced. Those who tasted the mercy of God, know how sweet it is. Jesus is expecting us to have the same kind of mercy towards our fellow human beings. To show that kind of mercy to others is not so easy. The standard of mercy of God is far greater than the standard of human mercy. To be filled with the mercy of God, we should first comprehend it.

To comprehend at least in part, the kind of mercy that God is showing to the people of this world, it is important for us to see the people of this world through God’s eyes, i.e. we have to see this world from the perspective of God. Then we can realize what kind of mercy with which we have to be filled.

What are the situations in which we will have an opportunity to show mercy? We can show mercy when somebody is in a helpless state, or in danger, or had sinned against us. Our perception of helplessness, danger, and sin is limited only to this world. But God’s perception of helplessness, danger, and sin is not only related to this world but also to the life after death. Therefore, our mercy is limited; where as God’s mercy is unlimited. Our hearts never burn with mercy with the same intensity with that of God’s heart. The mercy of God is everlasting and is the same all the time. But, our mercy is neither everlasting nor is the same all the time. Mercy of God should be filled in our hearts through His Holy Spirit.

People become helpless for various reasons: some because of poverty; some because of lack of a job. In the journey through their lives, people come face to face with many helpless situations. In these times, they desperately seek someone’s help. They seek for mercy. If we are kind enough to understand their problems and have the ability, we will show mercy to them. We will help them as much as we can. But, is that mercy enough? God’s mercy goes far beyond this. In God’s sight, people are helpless, not only in the things concerning this world, but also in the things concerning Heaven. They are helpless in saving their own souls. They are in danger of attack from satan and his kingdom. People are being tortured mercilessly, physically, mentally, and spiritually by demons. We can see only outer things. But God is seeing the deeper things. His heart is being broken. His mercy is flowing over. He created them with His own hands. But now, all of them are helpless. All of them are in danger of going to hell. He was not able to stay in Heaven for long, leaving this world He created in such a pitiful condition. God became man. He came into the world in the name of Jesus Christ. He demonstrated His infinite mercy towards us in the Cross. God is not only concerned about our physical health, or financial condition, or social status, but also about our spiritual condition. The seriousness of losing our souls to hell is much greater than losing our lives in this world because of problems. God knows it all too well. That is why His mercy is overflowing. He is ready to show mercy to sinners who ask for forgiveness. He is eagerly waiting to forgive us and show His mercy. You should show the same kind of mercy to those who sinned against you.

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