Summary: Faith is not unquestioning - it is rooted in who God is.

Main idea: Got questions? (for God)

Faith is not unquestioning - it is rooted in who God is.

(Relate to parenting and our kids questions, trust)

ME/WE (Intro)

Child and dad - " because."

Answer: "because I said so" - place for that, but it doesn’t get much mileage

Commanded a respect due, but also sometimes a cop-out.

Son asking us a hard question this week - complicated issue/reasoning

Sometimes NOT questioning is just laziness or indifference.


Ever had a hard question for God?

Were you free to ask it? (Write it down now)

Though there is some risk in writing them down, this message should deal with that. Do it!

Why doesn’t God just fix it now? Why does he let it happen? Say it! Ask!


Habakkuk shows us an example of faith that does question God.

Trusting God - faith - is not blind or unquestioning.

Ask Habakkuk asks, deepening faith is revealed.

The questions of life are real struggles we all have if we think about it.

Faith allows us to keep trusting even in lean years and troubles.

Like the trust kids have for their parents, its rooted in who God is, not having life make sense all the time or having every question answered.

How is, "God’s ways are above our ways" NOT an excuse?

a. The first big question

b. A surprise answer

c. The second bigger question

d. God’s reply - write it down

e. Habakkuk’s praise and faith


Get at how you can ask questions, then move beyond to trust…

(take and do that with the one you wrote down)

Are there questions you have not taken to God? Why not?

Are you living by faith?

If you are a parent, how do your kids see it? That’s what they need!


The world needs a questioning, passionate and trusting faith!

Our kids need that from us!

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