Summary: It is important what Isaiah identifies after the “Because” - BECAUSE THE LORD HAS ANOINTED ME. The Anointing makes the Difference. Too many are anointed by the wrong thing today

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I want to spend a few minutes on this single verse this morning. In this verse we find one of the riches blessings of the Old Testament. If we take the proper time and care this morning we will discover a truth that has the potential of changing our lives. I want to extract the 10th Word recorded in this verse. I want to lift up as my thought this morning the word – “BECAUSE.”

This is a critical and very important word to understand. It is a word that our children discovered at a very early age. Can I prove my point for a moment?

• Ever scold your child for disobeying you and you ask them why they disobeyed and they respond – Because

• Ever catch your child in a lie and you ask them why they did not tell the truth and they respond – Because

• Ever raise your voice at your child when they are watching Television and you say, “I know you heard me calling you, why didn’t you answer?” And they respond – Because

I remember raising my children and now spending more time with my older grandchildren, I tell them when they respond to me and allow “Because” to stand alone then you have reduced it from a reason and have relegated it to a response. The “Because” in this text is very critical to our Christian Walk. It is important that the “Because” in this verse is our reason and not merely our response. Listen to this verse again – “THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD GOD IS UPON ME, BECAUSE THE LORD HAS ANOINTED ME.”

• Isaiah lets us know “Because” is the Evidence

• Many times we as Christians can’t give the Evidence of our Hope

• Many times we as Christians can’t give the Evidence of our Salvation

• Ever ask someone in the Church if they are Saved

• Respond, I am not sure or I think so

• We have a problem with the Because or the Evidence

Isaiah knew a change had taken place in his life – and he knew this “Because.” Remember with me this is an OT text. In this text, there is reference to the Spirit, there is a reference to CHRIST – ISAIAH SAYS, THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD GOD IS UPON ME - so there is also a reference to the Father – all tied up in the word “LORD”

Isaiah clearly anticipates the Because in his calling and expounds upon it in this first Verse.

• Mary understood this when she was very young and the Angel spoke to her saying the Holy Spirit will come upon you and the power of the Most High will overshadow you

• Mary you will be pregnant and not know a man, then the Angel provided her with the “Because”

• Jesus understood this at His baptism by John the Baptist when the Holy Spirit descended on Him and a voice spoke from Heaven this is my Beloved Son in whom I am well pleased

• Jesus was now released for Ministry and He knew it – “Because”

• Something must take place in our life or we will be stuck with a Response instead of Evidence

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