Summary: This message challenges the believer to be the absolute best that they can be for our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Becoming a High Performance Believer

John 11:43-44; 12:1-11

I. A High Performance Believer is a Living Witness – Lazarus

A. A living witness must be different

1. Different standards

2. Different priorities

B. A living witness must be raised from the dead (truly born again)

(v. 43) “..even when we were dead in trespasses, made us alive together with Christ…” – Eph. 2:5

C. A living witness is a released from the past (v. 44 & Eph. 4:22)

1. Released from past sin

2. Released from past defeats

II. A High Performance Believer is a Worker – Martha

A. A High Performance Believer is a mature worker (Luke 10:41-42)

1. Able to withstand criticism

2. Able to withstand rebuke

3. Able to withstand praise

B. A High Performance Believer serves consistently

C. A High Performance Believer Serves Selflessly

1. Serves with gladness

2. Serves with love

III. A High Performance Believer is a Worshiper – Mary

A. There is no need to be whipped up to worship

B. There is the understanding that work and worship go hand in hand

C. There is the knowledge that worship involves sacrifice

1. Worship God when it is not convenient

2. Worship involves giving

D. There is the involvement of a humble attitude (v. 3b)

IV. A High Performance Believer is Involved in Warfare – Mary

A. Spiritual Warfare originates with Satan

B. It may come from someone close to you

1. They will often sound spiritual

2. They will often try to portray good intentions

C. Satanic attacks always try and deflect attention away from Jesus

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