Summary: Practical direction for real life found in Deuteronomy. In our day, we need guidance and to have the responsibilities of kindness defined.

As I looked for a theme that unified some of the commands of Deut. 22-25, the word that seemed to do it was kindness.

What is kindness? Goodwill. Consideration. Thougtfulness. Gentleness Concern. Thinking of the consequences to others; thinking of the impact of our words and actions upon others, and adjusting them...

Hillel: Don’t do to others what you don’t want done to you.-negative

Christ: Do to others as you would have them do to you.--positive

Unkind acts all over, even among believers: A man who was late for his plane and it crashed....another who got his seat......A woman who claims her husband was healed because of her great faith while visiting a new widow at the funeral home....

People who have left our church, then tell me how wonderful their new church is....or how wonderful their new pastor is...

Kindness can be caught (imitated) and taught (instruction)

Purpose of the Law of Moses: Good if used lawfully 1 Timothy 1:8 "We know that the law is good if one uses it properly." Romans 15:4 "For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through endurance and the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope."

Main Idea: Particular acts of kindness can help us understand

principles of kindness. Let’s note some particulars, and the talk about

how we can grow in kindness.

I. Let’s Note Some Particular Acts of Kindness

1. Helping out a brother in a pinch (22:1-4)

-- the idea here is as we come across people, does not deal with the

mega-soliciting of our w/sensitive consciences being troubled to the hilt...

2. Concern for the poor & their dignity (24:19)

3. Safety consciousness: a moral issue...(22:8)

(1) building codes begun here

(2) note the principle: if we are lax and others are hurt, it is our fault

----example: children and safety belts....

----smoke alarms with batteries removed...

(3) principle: A KIND PERSON thinks about the future consequences to others; an unkind person, about the immediate and his life situation only...

4. Looking out for newlyweds and marriage...(24:5)

---e.g., babysitting your grandchilren so your child/in-law can get away...

---remembering what it was like to be young (realistically)

5. Avoiding cruelty, even if it is legal (24:6); because you can does not mean you should! Justice, yes, but compassion, too.

----Merchant of Venice....Shylock (pound of flesh principle)...hurting

someone just to hurt them....

6. Refusing to abuse a good deal...(23:24-25)

----when I was a boy, eat at Walgreens....take extra sugar....(Bad)

----this exposes GREED...

----Appreciate, don’t abuse: Kroger Bok Choy (99@), Radichio (2.99)...but if big bucks at stake, no...(mis-scan guarantee)

---What you can technically get away with does not make it right!

---Some people take advantage of their parents goodwill (and bleed em)

7. Looking out for the weak of this world....(24:17)

....checking on an elderly neighbor....seeing not taken advantage of...

8. Tempering justice with human dignity (25:1-3) prisons under Mosaic Law...quick, swift, memorable...

---long sentences may be a "cruel & unusual punishment"

---child discipline: controlled spanking more humane than scolding

(attacks self esteem)...

II. How Can We Become Kinder People?

1. Confront When Necessary Lev. 19:16-18

---if you stuff aggravations unnecessarily, you use up your emotional


2. Choose Bible over Upbringing/Culture

----rude parents usually produce rude children....

----BIGGEST CHALLENGE: to face you have a problem; SECOND biggest, to keep this in mind

3. Exercise mental effort to put yourself in another’s shoes

---many folks never or rarely do this...this is KEY!

---don’t condemn w/out offering a REALISTIC solution...

4. Get to know God deeply....salvation....presentation (Rom12:1-2)

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