Summary: This message deals with soul winning, and bring people to christ


Becoming a soul winner with Jesus.

John 4:1 – 42.

In the third chapter of the Gospel of John, we meet a man named

Nicodemus. He was a lost religious Jew who wanted to talk to Jesus. He came

to Jesus at night so no one would see him.

In the fourth chapter of the Gospel of John, we meet a nameless woman.

She was a lost Samaritan who came to Jacob’s well at noon so she

wouldn’t have to talk to anyone.

The contrast between Nicodemus and the woman at the well is


· One was a man; the other was a woman.

· One was a Jew; the other was a Samaritan.

· He was a respected ruler; she was social outcast

· He was a moral man; she was an immoral woman

· He came to Jesus at night; she met Jesus at mid-day

· The man fades unnoticed; the woman went back to her crowd and

brought them all to Jesus.

· We will hear from Nicodemus again in the Bible; the woman will fade

into invisibility.


Jesus said: “I must needs go through Samaria.”

A. The Movement Of Jesus.

Jesus left Judea (vs. 3) and departed into Galilee.

Jesus has a divine appointment in Samaria. This appointment had been

on God’s schedule for centuries.

I am arrested by the statement, “Jesus must needs go through Samaria.”

There seems to have been a divine necessity placed on the Son of God.

Every move Jesus made was according to a divine plan for His life.

Friends, I want to assure you your life has been filled with divine

appointments. God knew you would be present in this service thousands of

years ago.

B. The Ministry Of Jesus.

Jesus is going to Samaria simply to help a woman with the greatest need

of her life – meaning and purpose.


A. A Truth To Remember.

Far too many churches have a “Field Of Dreams” mentality, “Build It and

They Will Come.”

The Bible does not tell sinners to come to church.

The Bible tells Christians to go to the unsaved.

At 12:30 the church will no longer be in this building; we will be

scattered all over the community eating lunch.

B. A Trip Jesus To Be Made.

Jesus could have traveled north by turning left and following the

coastline of the Med. Sea. But He didn’t.

Jesus could have traveled north by turning right, crossing the Jordan

River, and then headed north. But He didn’t.

Jesus went straight up through the countryside to a city of Samaria

because He had a divine appointment with a woman at Jacob’s well.

C. A Time That Was Significant.

Jesus was tired and thirsty and needed a drink of water.

The woman had come to the well to draw water and it was the sixth hour

or noon.

D. A Talk That Was Sensational. 4:7-14.

1. The humanity of our Savior is revealed.

He was tired from walking. He was thirsty because of the trip. So He

spoke to the woman.

Jesus said, “Give me a drink.”

2. The hatred between Jews and Samaritans is revealed.

The Samaritans were half-blooded Jews who lived north of Jerusalem.

They came into existence when the Jews who lived north of Jerusalem

were conquered by the Assyrians. Thousands were carried into captivity

and many foreigners came to live in the land.

From that time on Samaritans in the north and the Jews in the south did

not get along.

3. Jesus broke down many barriers as He talked to this woman at the


· Men didn’t speak to women in public, not even to their wives.

· Jews did not speak to Samaritans at all.

· No Jew would drink out of anything that belonged to a Samaritan.

They would be considered dirty of they did.

· Jesus broke down a religious wall as He spoke to this woman.

E. A Truth To Remember. John 4:14.

Jesus said: “Whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him

shall never thirst, but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a

well of water springing up into everlasting life.” (vs. 14).


Illustration: A woman’s car stalled out at an intersection. The hood

was up and she flagged down a man to help her. She said, “I can’t get

it started. But if you will jiggle the wire on the battery, I think it

will work.”

The man who stopped to help her grabbed the positive battery cable and

it came off in his hand. He said, “Lady, the terminal needs to be

tightened up. I can fix it if you have some tools.”

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