Summary: Deciplship today

Text: Ps 40:4 Blessed is that man that maketh the Lord his trust, and respecteth not the proud, nor such as turn aside to lies. 8/23/05

Subject: Becoming Gods Man Today

How do we do this?

1. It’s very important to know God so that we can become the man that he wants us to be.

A. To know God is to know the power of his resurrection and to live the resurrected life. His Resurrecting Power.

B. To become that man we are to desire to know him and this should be our greatest desire.

Its is by Faith that we posses the ability to do this, for without faith we’re non-existent we don’t exist this is where our idenity comes from. In order to identify as a God man a man that God wants us to be today we most be in touch with who we are it’s the only way to find out our purpose.

Illustration: If you received a package in the mail and didn’t know its purpose you whould have to send it back or ask the manufacturer to find out what its purpose is in order to utilize it or its no good to you and it serves no purpose.

You have to find your purpose from the creator in order to become the man that God really wants you to be. Ask Him, Communicate with him Establish a personal relationship with your creator.

(Tap into the Continuity)

That Man reflects the Gifts of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, (That’s where his power comes from) and the fruits of the Spirits (That’s where his personality comes from) and the evidences should be reflective in his daily life. Its what makes up his Idenity and its based on faith and they’re connected.

Faith and your Idenity are intertwined and there is a connection their and its either by Blood or Marriage.

1. By Blood we are connected to our Parents, Brothers and Sisters.

2. By Marriage our parents are connected to each other as one.

3. By Blood we’re connected to our Father who art in heaven and it’s the Blood of Jesus Christ that makes our connection to our Idenity and to the Man that God wants us to be.

Now we have this connection and this is where the work begins.

1. Salvation doesn’t cost you anything.

2. Its you excepting the efficacious work of Christ on the cross at Calvary.

God accepted his work while he walked this earth and he’s now sitting at the right hand of the Father and so should you meet his approval while you walk this earth and become the man that he wants you to be.

The work required for you is to bring Souls to Christ and in order to do this you must tap into the continuity of the Trinitarian Father.


Illustration: I go fishing with my Mother-in-Law a lot and we enjoy it when we catch fish that’s the fun part then the work begins we have to wash the fish, clean the fish, take out the garbage in them, and prepare them for consumption and this is where our reward for the fruits of our labor comes from.

Such is bring Souls to Christ we enjoy catching them

But we must follow up and allow Christ to wash, cleanse, and take out the garbage, so he’s glorified.

This is call Discipleship and becoming the Spirit Man that God wants you to be. It takes Faith awareness of your Idenity, accepting Salvation and communicating with God.

Thus your purpose as the Man that God wants you to be will be fulfilled prior to the Rolling in of the Mighty Clouds of Joy and there will truly be peace for you on the other side of the River.

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