Summary: Being Thankful is the proper response for all Believers

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OPEN: Have you ever thought about the price of the seat you are sitting in this morning? Now I’m not talking about the actual dollar amount. We all know that amount is around $40 dollars, because we all gave about a year ago in order to purchase them as we were starting our church.

No, I am talking about so much more than MONEY!!!!

I’m talking about the COST!

For example: You might own a house and perhaps you started a project at your house, so you went to Lowe’s or Home Depot and bought materials. But the true COST of your project was the blood, sweat and perhaps even TEARS that you put into that house.

The same is true today. The cost of your seat is not the $40 (plus shipping) that it costs; the true cost of your seat is the price that men and women of the United States armed services paid with their blood so that we could be here today to worship God.

So how great is that price?

Well, I’m just going to list the major wars since 1900, and only list those who were actually killed in defense of our nation (not counting those who were wounded or missing):

WWI – 116,516

WWII – 405,399

Korean War 36, 516

Vietnam War – 36,516

Afghan War – 9,971

Iraq War – 31,965

In all that equals 658,576

That’s like taking the entire population of Austin, Texas and killing every man, woman, boy and girl in one fail swoop.

That is the price of the seat you are sitting in today.

And with that thought in mind, it leads me to the title of my message today, which is:

Bee Thankful!

(Last week we started a new series called “The Bee Series”)


Now when Daniel knew that the

writing was signed, he went home. And

in his upper room, with his windows

open toward Jerusalem, he knelt down

on his knees three times that day, and

prayed and gave thanks before his God,

as was his custom since early days.

Daniel 6:10

(Tell story of Daniel)

Please take note of this:

 He got down on his knees (sign of humility)

 Prayed and gave thanks (gave what?)

 Did it regularly (as was his custom) Now here are 2 questions for you.....

 Have you gotten so cynical about life

that you have stopped giving


 Do you remember all that God has

done for you?

TRANSITION: And when I say ‘remember all that God has done’, it’s easy to think about material things and financial stuff. But it’s SO much more than that!

STORY: I told you a few weeks ago how our daughter (Lauren) quit breathing and we had to rush her to the hospital. But a few years ago something happened to our oldest son. Tell Story of Joshua (pictures of his car) And that’s just MY story. I wonder what yours’ is? (PAUSE)

I’m sure we ALL have SOMETHING to be thankful for!

So Pastor Tommy, how can I “Be Thankful”

Let me suggest three ideas for staying

in the “Thankful Zone”

(How to Be


Idea # 1 –

# 1 – Quit Complaining!

Just like we can ALL find something to be thankful for, we can ALL find something to gripe about!

Daniel definitely could have found something to complain about! But he didn’t....he GAVE THANKS!

“...blessing and cursing come pouring

out of the same mouth. Surely, my

brothers and sisters, this is not right!

James 3:10

Story: My mom used to say “I’m going to give you something to whine about....”

Imagine if God did that! Not saying He would, but OUCH!

Transition: So Idea # 1 – Is to Quit Complaining. Idea # 2 for staying in the “Thankful Zone”

# 2 – Stay Humble

You know when someone has ceased to be humble because they say stuff like this:

“Well...... I deserve better than this” No, no......thank GOD we don’t get what we truly deserve!!!! (elaborate)

Daniel stayed humble. He got down on his knees, prayed and gave thanks!

He could have said “I deserve better than this”, but he didn’t!

God opposes the proud....but favors the

humble. James 4:6

True humility and fear of the Lord lead

to riches, honor, and long life Proverbs


Transition: So Idea # 1 – Is to Quit Complaining. Idea # 2 for staying in the “Thankful Zone””Stay Humble” and Idea # 3 for staying in the Humble Zone is.......

# 3 – Make Thanks a Daily Activity

Notice what our text said about Daniel....

It says he

Daniel made thanksgiving a daily custom.

It wasn’t just the fourth Thursday of November!

It was EVERY DAY! What is your custom?

JOKE: Reminds me of the two guys out camping when they were surprised by a bear.....

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