Summary: Acts Series: 19th Sermon--Being w/ Jesus will change…Your Love, Your Loyalty, and Your Life!

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Been With Jesus Lately?

Acts 4:13-22

Sanhedrin/the supreme court of Jews in those days…but they were unspeakably corrupt…had passed on their offices thru the family regardless of qualifications…were money-hungry/power-hungry.

These also are the ones who had Jesus crucified…and now the apostles are preaching that He’s alive!

The Sanhedrin are threatened, and declare war on Christianity. Here is the 1st persecution of the apostles, as they are jailed…later they will suffer many beatings and executions…

Here in the middle of this story, a statement is made that we cannot pass up:

v. 13 last phrase is profound!

They HAD been w/ Him, walking and talking and learning from Him for 3 years!

Saw him heal blind/deaf/lame…Lazarus!/heard sermon on mt. live! Took His rebukes and learned/felt His comfort when scared/…they saw the crucifixion from a distance…and in a deep way, they too, died on that day/…and these 2 in v. 13 had a footrace to the tomb when they heard He was alive!

And having been w/ Jesus, they would never be the same! It should be the same for us! Could v. 13 be said of you? Do others take knowledge and marvel and know that you must have been w/ Jesus?

Ill.—they say we become like those we are around: man/dog—man/wife [careful!]

II Cor. 3:18

But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord.

Every day the child of God looks into the Word of God, has intimate fellowship w/ the Son of God, and is changed by the Spirit of God into the glory of God in the likeness of Jesus Christ!

Can people tell that you’ve been w/ Him?

Being w/ Jesus will change…

1. Your Love

Having been w/ Jesus: you will love the people of God/Word of God/things of God

What’s imp’t to Him is now imp’t to you…you love what He loves! [for His church/for His people/for His Word!]

2. Your Loyalty

v. 13b-20 Their loyalty is put to the test, and they ace this test! And you and I are tested every day, every hour, whether we’ll be loyal to our God, do what’s right…a faith that cannot be tested cannot be trusted

Back to beginning of v. 13—unlearned and ignorant: doesn’t mean they were stupid, rather that in the eyes of the Sanhedrin, they hadn’t been educated in the accredited schools of that day.

Unlearned=unlettered [no phd!]

Heard about a guy named Tweedle, didn’t want a degree, said it’s bad enough to be Tweedle, w/out being Tweedle D.D.!

Notice in v. 15—conferred among themselves [put them out of the room!]

God has put a lot of special wheels into motion in the last 2 years that it’s clear He’s got big plans to bring back the glory right here, that the best is still to come, and drawing close…and I’ve got to believe that the devil is having some special called meetings. [Satan’s special-called business meeting: “What to do about Grace Baptist!”]

v. 17a Their concern is that it not spread any further!

The devil doesn’t mind what goes on in here, as long as we don’t take it out there! He won’t oppose us kindling a fire in here as long as he can succeeding at “dousing it at the door!”

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