All of us here today no doubt have seen the commercials with a message of

what something used to be and what it becomes. I can recall some

concerning aging spots, wrinkles, vinyl siding, weight lose (subway) ,

body shops, hair replacement, hair color (tone away the gray) and many

different things but the message is the same, what their product can do

for you. This morning we have read of a demon possessed man who would

make a good commercial, the only thing different we are not talking about

temporal things as this old body, cars, houses, or hair we are talking

real people in a real situation. Thus far what we have talked about only

deals with the outward ap-pearance, but the man in question was first

changed on the inside, and this resulted in a change of the outside.

Notice with me some things concerning this story and how we can relate to

it. Beginning in the last part of (Mark 4 into Mark 5) we find just how

miserable life can be apart from Christ. Christ can bring calm in a

storm, He can bring comfort for the possessed, He can bring cure for the

sick, He can bring comfort for the bereaved. Notice with me the man who

was possessed with demons. In doing so notice his condition:

1. BEFORE- (vv. 2-6) This pictures society as a whole, and sinners


a.) Unclean- (v. 2)

b.) Unsettled- (v. 3)

c.) Uncontrollable- (v. 4)

d.) Unhappy- (v. 5)

e.) Unstable- (v.6)

f.) Unclothed- (v. 15)

2. INTERMISSION- (vv. 7-14)

a.) Confrontation- (vv. 7)

b.) Conversation- (vv. 8-12)

c.) Casting Out- (vv. 13-14)

3. AFTER- (vv. 15-20) This gives us what happens when God is given back

the reins in our lives.

a.) Restoration- (v. 15)

· Civilized

· Clothed

· Collected

b.) Rejection- (vv. 16-17)

c.) Request- (v. 18)

d.) Reassignment- (v. 19)

e.) Reaching Out- (v. 20)

After meeting with the Saviour he was a changed man life had hope,

meaning and purpose. You too can leave here today with this same hope,

meaning, and purpose if you will only trust him.

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