Summary: Three simple facts about salvation.

Behind The Scenes Of John 3:16 - John 3:16


A man broke into a woman’s house one night to rob her. When the woman saw the thief in her house she picked up her Bible and said, "Acts 2:38!" When she did the robber took off running out of the house. When the police caught up with him, they asked him why he took off running from the house. The thief said to the police, "Well you would too, if you heard a woman tell you that she had an axe and two 38s. Its amazing how powerful the Word of God really is. In this sermon I want you to see how powerful one verse of Scripture can be in a lost person’s life. I want you to see three simple facts concerning the plan of salvation. Notice first of all, we see:

I. God’s Provision For Salvation (v. 16a)

A. It Is Supreme

"So loved" reveals God’s unconditional love.

B. It Is Sacrificial

"He gave" reveals he sacrificed for us.

C. It Is Scarce

"His only" reveals He had no other sons.

II. God’s Plan Of Salvation (v. 16b)

A. It Is Sufficient

"Whoever" reveals that anybody can be saved.

B. It Is Simple

"Believes" reveals how simple it is to be saved.

C. It Is Singular

"In Him" reveals He is the ONLY way to heaven.

III. God’s Promise Of Salvation (v. 16c)

A. It Is Secure

"Not perish" reveals it is eternally secure.

B. It Is Satisfying

"Eternal" reveals it is ongoing joy forever.


In closing I want to challenge each one of you to realize the powerful message that is in this verse that so many people quote. Every word of this passage speaks truth to a lost sinner’s life. Heed this Word from God and let it revolutionize your life!

Rev. Michael S. Bowen

Pine Level Baptist Church

Early Branch SC, 29916

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