Summary: The Scriptures have many things to say about the Feet of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

*Psalms.18:38.speaks of the strength in the Lord.

*Ecc.5:1-2..speaks of our attendance and attitude in Worship.

*Ephes.6:15..speaks of our prepardness..

* where the Woman kissed His Feet

*Luke.8:26-39..the Gadarene man found peace at His Feet

* It is at the Feet of Jesus where we should leave our Burdens, at His Feet is where we get Blessings, and at the Foot of the Cross is where we are Born Again.

1. His Feet are Beautiful Feet..vs.7

a. because of His Proclamation..Luke.4:18...

b. because they are Precious..( like when people adore and admire the little feet of babies, they kiss them, do you wonder that when Mary kissed the feet of Jesus as a baby, she was kissing the feet of God!)

c. they are Perfect feet..psalms.91..lest thou dash thy foot against a stone...perfect for the supreme sacrifice, the Son of the Living God...

His Feet are Beautiful Feet in Revealing God to Man!

2. His Feet were Bruised Feet..vs.2-6

a. He Walked among Men..Heb.2:9,14,

b. He Wept over tomb of Lazarus...

c. His Will was Monumental..Jesus said ..not my will but your will the garden of Gathsemane..

His Feet were Bruised Feet in Reconciling Man to God!

3. His Feet were Bloody Feet..( cross )

a. the Spikes in His Feet..Coloss.2:14...Luke.23:33..

b. the Scars on His the house of my friends..

c. the Sacrifice for Forgiveness..Galat.3:13...2-corin.8:9...Rom.3:23-26...

His Feet were Bloody Feet in Redeeming Man to God!

4. His Feet are Brazen Feet...Revel.1:14-15...

a. in the Reign on Society..Zech.14:4..Revel.5:10...

b. in the Rebuking of Satan..Revel.20:1-3...

c. in Revealing the Saints..2-thess.1:6-10...

the last time He left the Mt. of Olives He rode a donkey, the animal of burden, the next time He comes He will be on a White Horse the animal of Kings!

His Feet are Brazen Feet because He went through the Judgement of God for OUR Sins! Now He is Ready to Judge the Dead and the Living.

Have you been to the Feet of The Lord Jesus Christ!!!

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