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Reading: Isaiah chapter 6 verses 1-8.


• Have you ever had to look for the right word to describe something?

• Maybe it was a place (e.g. that’s beautiful, it’s breathtaking),

• Maybe it was a smell e.g. (ugh, that’s awful, it’s horrible),

• Or how about a taste? (e.g. uuumm, good, rich, yummy).

• Sometimes it’s hard to put into words when we want to accurately describe something.

• Let me ask you a tougher question,

• “How would you describe God?”

• e.g. Awesome? Loving? Merciful? Gracious? Just?

• What if you could use just one word to describe Him?

• I wonder if you could you do it?

• I couldn’t!

• And even the Seraphs in verse 3 of our reading could not!

• They got close in they found one word – but then they had to repeat it three times


• Repeating a word in Hebrew is to emphasize something.

• ill: it is kind of like you using a highlighter to mark something.

• The angels were NOT saying God is ‘Holy’,

• They were NOT saying He was ‘Holy’.

• But they WERE saying God is ‘Holy, Holy, Holy’.

There is no other characteristic of God that gets the emphasis that His holiness does.

• e.g. We are never told in scripture that God is wise, wise, wise,

• e.g. And we are never told that God is strong, strong, strong,

• e.g. And we are never told that God is powerful, powerful, powerful,

• e.g. We are not even told that God is love, love, love!

• Only one attribute of God is repeated again and again and again,

• That is his holiness!


• If for example some described to you said a stone saying it was ‘big’,

• It would bring to your mind an image of a large stone.

• If they said to you the stone was ‘big, I mean really big’,

• You would enlarge that image in your mind to a huge stone.

• And if someone said to you it was a ‘big, big, big’ stone;

• You would surely think – they must mean that it was a ‘gigantic boulder’.

• As far as I am aware;

• Only one attribute of God is repeated again and again and again - that is his holiness!


• If you want holiness defined;

• Then R.C. Sproul gives us a simple way to remember the definition of holiness,

• He says; “The first prayer I learned as a child was the simple table grace:

• "God is great, God is good, and we thank Him for this food."

• The two virtues assigned to God in this prayer, greatness and goodness,

• May be captured by the one biblical word, holy”.


The first is the idea of greatness.

• One of the meanings of holiness is the idea of being "set apart".

• God is apart from us - He is in a class by Himself.

• e.g. He has no equal.

• In other words’

• There is a profound difference between Him and those He has created.

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