Summary: PROPOSITION: Because Christ is the “Good Shepherd”, you must be a “good” shepherd.

Being a Good Shepherd

Ezekiel 34

PROPOSITION: Because Christ is the “Good Shepherd”, you must be a “good” shepherd.

I. Reject shepherding that is contrary to God’s Word! v. 1-10

A. Leaders subverted God’s truth (1-3, 17-19)!

1. They were to use their position to feed the people (2c, 3).

2. Instead they used their position to fatten themselves (2b).

B. Leaders abused their power (4, 20-21)!

1. They were to use their power to gently lead the people.

2. Instead they ruled with force and cruelty (4b; 1 Sam. 8:10-20).

C. Leaders profaned the Lord (5-6)!

1. They were to use their position to pastor (seek out) the sheep (6b).

2. Instead they allowed the sheep to be scattered (5-6a).

II. Embrace shepherding that is in harmony with God’s Word! v. 11-31

A. Jesus (Priest) will seek out His sheep (11-12)!

1. Jesus ministry is to rescue His sheep.

2. Jesus has compassion on His sheep!

B. Jesus (King) will lead His sheep (13a)!

1. Jesus is in the process of re-gathering His sheep.

2. Jesus sheep will follow Him.

C. Jesus (Prophet) will feed His sheep (13b-15, 23, 26)!

1. Jesus sheep will be well fed.

2. Jesus sheep will be a source of blessing.

III. Fulfill the shepherding that Christ has given you faithfully!

A. Spiritual leadership in the church!

1. They must preach/teach the whole counsel of truth (prophet).

2. They must pastor (seek out) the people (priest).

3. They must give leadership (direction/protection) to the church (king).

B. Spiritual leadership in the home!

1. Teach (prophet) your children the Word of God.

2. Lead (priest) your children into worship of the Lord our God.

3. Rule your home under the leadership of Christ.

C. Spiritual leadership for the individual!

1. God’s people should use God’s Word in ministry to others.

2. God’s people should pray and minister one to another.

3. God’s people should help the shepherd lead the sheep.

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