Summary: Theme: "Finding Your Place Of Service"

I. God’s Calling Is Personal (v. 6-9a)

A. He Calls People Involved (v. 6-8)

B. He Calls People Individually (v. 9a)

II. God’s Calling Is Persistent (v. 9b)

A. To Show The Concern Is Crucial (v. 9b)

B. To Show The Calling Is Confirmed (v. 9b)

III. God’s Calling Is Precise (v. 9c-9d)

A. Where You Need To Go (v. 9c)

B. Why You Need To Go (v. 9d)

IV. God’s Calling Is Prompt (v. 10a)

A. There Can Not Be Any Delay (v. 10a)

B There Can Not Be Any Doubt (v. 10a)

C. There Can Not Be Any Defiance (v. 10a)

V. God’s Calling Is Providential (v. 10b-10c)

A. He Supplies The Provisions (v. 10b)

B. He Straightens The Path (v. 10c)

VI. God’s Calling Is Precious (v. 10d-10e)

A. Salvation Will Be Communicated (v. 10d)

B. Souls Will Be Converted (v. 10e)

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