Summary: We need to be controversial at the appropriate times. Can God count on you to take the stand?

Being Controversial

Acts 4:1-4

I am not sure what you thought when you heard the title of the message tonight, but I feel that it’s some that we need to do in the right place and in the right time.

Illustration: Jerry Falwell

While I was on vacation, a great man of God was laid to rest. Say what you want about Jerry Falwell but this man of God has done great things for the cause of Christ.

Many students have received a great Christian education from Liberty University…

Thomas Road Baptist Church, under his leadership, has reached many lost souls for the kingdom of God.

He is a man that accomplished a lot for the cause of Christ.

Franklin Graham assisted with the preaching of Dr. Falwell’s memorial service. When it came time for him to speak, he stood and said, “Dr. Falwell was a man who was controversial.” And immediately the people attending the service began to laugh.

That was an understatement!

What is it that had people writing negative comments about him in the papers?

What was Dr. Falwell saying that had him blasted by the immoral talk shows on television?

Franklin Graham said:

Dr. Falwell believed there was one way to heaven and if you didn’t go through the blood of Jesus Christ then you were not going!

He said the Dr. Falwell believed that a child in its mother’s womb should be protected as a human life.

Franklin Graham even went on to say that Dr. Falwell had the nerve to believe that a man should only marry a woman?

The reason Dr. Jerry Falwell was treated the way he was treated was because he was willing stand for what he believed in.

If there was ever a time that we needed some people to stand and be controversial it is today!

This world is trying to dictate what is right and what is wrong and the Christian church is sitting back saying:

“I don’t want to cause any trouble”

“I don’t’ want to stir something up”

“I don’t want to be controversial”

It’s time that the body of Jesus Christ stand and be accounted for and say:

You are not going to trample over the bible just to try and justify a lifestyle that is contrary to God’s Word.

You are not going to put down my God just to try and make a dollar for being funny…

We need a church body that is:

Willing to stand

Willing to speak up

Willing to be controversial when its time

Read Acts 4:1-4

We see here two men (Peter and John) who were truly controversial.

But they teach us the difference in being controversial for the right and just plain causing a racket.

1. They Proclaimed Jesus – v.2

Anytime you are going to take a stand for God you had better make sure you know what you are talking about.

Don’t try and press your views upon another person.

Simply stand on God’s Word…

Share Jesus…

And don’t back down!

Too many get into trouble trying to debate this issue and discuss that issue…

Find out what God says about it and let that stand.

This world does not need your opinion on:

- Why they should quit drinking…

- Why drugs are bad for them

- They shouldn’t marry someone of the same sex

- Why the world is in the shape that its in

- How the President is doing

- What the government is not doing

What this world needs is someone to decide in their heart to share JESUS!

Be willing to stand

Be willing to speak up

Be willing to be controversial

When it comes to proclaiming Jesus!

2. They Praised God for the Healing – v.10

Read verse 10

There is a reason:

§ You have the money to pay your bills

§ You are not still sick in the hospital bed

§ You are cancer free

§ You are not dead from alcohol abuse

§ You are not dead from drug overdose

§ You are happily married today

That reason is because of nothing you have done.

It wasn’t because of treatments or medication…

It wasn’t because you got in church and deserved it because of all that you have done

§ God is the reason you are still here!

§ God is the reason you are not sick!

§ God is the reason cancer has left your body…

We need to start standing up and praising God for the many things He does for us.

Don’t allow people or yourself to take credit for what God has done.

Psalms 113

He raises up the poor…. He lifts up the needy

He makes the barren woman a mother

Psalms 150

Praise Him for His mighty deeds

I am only able to stand because of God!

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