Summary: We cannot please God without faith, should our faith make us courageous?

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This afternoon I want to discuss something that I believe is foundational to our Christian

character. I want to talk about courage. We all love to hear stories about people being

courageous donʼt we? I mean our culture is full of stories of super heroes and ultimately

isnʼt what makes superman super his courage? Can you imagine how many comics

they would have sold if Superman had all the power but none of the courage? Like he

was too scared to go out onto the mean streets of metropolis so he just stayed home

with his door dead-bolted and he used his xray vision to cook microwave popcorn? It is

his courage that makes the story compelling isnʼt it.

Our language is full of words and phrases that denote courage, we say things like, “ that

kid has a lot of heart and she sure dug deep.” We say things like that is unbelievable

and oh my goodness, when we hear stories about people doing courageous things.

I remember the story of a man names Terry Bullard who one Sunday was sitting in

church when a man walked right up to his pastor and begin shooting him. Terry jumped

out of his seat and running straight at the man tackled the shooter. The shooterʼs gun

jammed but he also had a knife that he used to stab Terry but now wounded and

bleeding Terry tackled the attacker again and soon his courage stirred the other men

and women sitting around him and they too began to help detain the killer.

I remember shortly after 9/11 when as a nation our hearts were collectively broken and

we were in a national state of shock, the story of flight 93 and its courageous

passengers, when the words, “ Letʼs Roll” became a national reminder that we had been

attacked but we were not defeated!

And you know history is full of Godly super heroes too. Men and women who have been

called to face situations that seemed impossible. Foxʼs book of Martyrs is filled with

stories of men and women who showed tremendous courage under extreme

persecution. And this book too, the Bible is filled from cover to cover with stories of

people just like you and me who through one circumstance or another were called upon

to be courageous.

And I donʼt know about you but everytime I hear a story like the one about flight 93 or

the one about Terry Bullard I quietly ask myself, “What would I have done if I had been

in that situation.” I mean I think I would have acted bravely and done what those either

guys did. But then I think I sure am afraid of a lot more now then I was when I was 14 or

15. For instance when I was a kid we lived in this apartment building and my best friend

Mark and I would climb up the second story roof and we would jump off into the bushes

below. Years later I had this other friend named Kenny and he and I would climb the

tallest pine trees we could find, I am talking like 60 or 70 feet off the ground and when

we got to the tippy top of the tree, I am talking about the top, like where you would put

the Christmas star of this giant pine tree we would begin trying to knock each other out

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