Summary: How to stop living in fear and worry in this world by trying not to get too comfortable here in this earth.

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We had been given a gift to go the Whitewater Center in Charlotte, NC to go on a Rope Course and Zip Line. First of all you get into a harness which feels like you are a two year old that has just gotten into trouble for the 20th time. Now you are on a leash, a short leash. The rope course is approximately a 6 station course over a deep ravine. You have to balance 30 – 50 feet above the ground on a tightrope and walk across without falling. Knowing my fear of heights sounds scary doesn’t it? But here is the magic formula.

I was tethered in with my 2 year old harness to another cable above me. There was NO WAY I could fall. So all of a sudden I had no fear of heights. It was a great experience because I could concentrate on the course and not worry about falling.

As we get into our second session on “Being In Awe Of God” it is amazing how many of you wrote in yesterday excited to read more. The main reason is that a lot of you are paralyzed from having joy in this life with fear and worry. The Lord gave me this lesson just for you and oh, yeah, for me too. Before we get into the attributes of God let me say that God is our tether to life. He has an invisible harness on us that we will not fall. If we could trust in Him then we would be able to go through this rope course called life and not be afraid to fall. Wouldn’t that be a joyous way to live. What if everything we did we knew God had us secure in His grasp.

Matthew 10:29-31 “Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from the will of your Father. And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. So don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.

It is at times tough to trust God for a number of reasons

1. We don’t really know how He loves us.

2. We don’t know how He protects us.

3. We doubt God’s perfect intentions and think perfect intentions are for other people.

4. We don’t see material blessings so we doubt God’s goodness.

Doubt is a horrible lie of Satan that will forever steal our peace unless we can stop and immerse ourselves in God instead of the world. A lot of you are afraid to pray for “Hope” because you either don’t want to be disappointed again or this life of faith isn’t what it is cracked up to be.

One of the biggest worries I get prayer requests in is for young child who may lose their lives with an illness or accident. It can put tremendous fear into parents and rob joy from everyone involved. But let me give you this “Paradigm Shift”. Yes, at times it is tough to pray when you doubt God can heal. Maybe you believe He can heal; but He won’t heal your child. God is impressing upon me to tell you this today.

“If I save your child today he or she will still die.”

It may not be today but maybe 80 years from now. When we worship our time on earth instead of God and our heavenly home we will always be distraught. I have always wondered if Lazarus was disappointed God brought him back from the dead. Lazarus did not ask to come back but his sister wanted him back. To be clothed in majesty with no worries then to come back into a dirty, sinful world would have been quite the culture shock. Whether we admit it or not we all fight death. This is one of our toughest roadblocks to a supernatural faith.

If we take a time line of just a million years, eternity is forever, but let’s just say a line that represents a million years. Then on that line put a mark that represents 80 - 90 years which represents our life on earth. You would not even be able to see the dot, yes a dot. When you get a chance please read the book of Job (In the Old Testament) Chapters 38-41. If you are not in awe of God before you read this you will have a much finer understanding of the all-powerful God we serve.

On Monday we will talk about some attributes of God that you can hold onto as God holds onto you like a tether. Remember this world is NOT OUR HOME. We will all die so don’t be shocked when you are called home. You are going to your real home.

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