Summary: A sermon on essentials to reaching the unchurched.

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Being The Church For The Unchurched

Mark 6:7-12

For the past several weeks off an on, we have studied the Unchurched. We have looked at their attitudes about religion, about God, about Christians, about the Bible.......about church.

The statistics are staggering. It should be enough to burden our heart. We know now that there are Stats: 160 Million Unchurched in USA. The question is now what do we do about it. To know that there are needs, to really feel compassion towards the lost, and unchurched is to try and do something about it !

The Five Faith Stages

U5: Antagonistic and hostile to the Gospel 5%

U4: Resistant, but not antagonistic (“So what…”) 21%

U3: Neutral, no signs of interest, yet perhaps open to discussion 36%

U2: Receptive to learning more about the Gospel 27%

U1: Highly Responsive to hearing and believing the Gospel 11 %

I want The Rock to be the Church For The Unchurched. I want them to know that we care.......

Stirring worship music won’t attract them because worship isn’t even on their radar screen. More comfortable pews cannot compete with the easy chair or the bed that already serve the unchurched person well. Church events cannot effectively compete with what the world has to offer. The only thing the Church can provide that no one else has is a life-changing, practical encounter – and on-going relationship – with the living God and with people transformed by similar encounters. Until such a connection is made, focusing on features, programs and benefits other than such a life-shaping encounter is more likely to lose ground than to gain it.”

Saying: The world will not care how much we know until they know how much we care !

I want people to know that they are welcome here regardless of what kind of mess their lives are in......regardless of their past.........their present situation. I want them to know that we are a people of "unconditional love" ! I want us to pray........I would like for each of you to pray before or when or both before you come through the doors on Sun. morning that this church will be a place of welcome relief to the lost, and unchurched who might come !

We don’t have to compromise the message.......we don’t have to dumb down our convictions to do that.......we simply need to love the lost as Christ did.

Illust. Jackie Hyles

The Lord has laid on my heart what I believe to be some essentials if we are to reach the lost, and unchurched !

I. We Need To Locate The Unchurched !

Everyday they pass me by I can see it in their eye Empty people filled with care Headed who knows where On they go through private pain Living fear to fear Laughter hides the silent cries Only Jesus hears Chorus: People need the Lord People need the Lord At the end of broken dreams He¡̅s the open door People need the Lord People need the Lord When will we realize People need the Lord We are called to take His light To a world where wrong seems right What could be too great a cost For sharing life with one who¡̅s lost Through His love our hearts can feel All the grief they bear They must hear the words of life Only we can share -Steve Green

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