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(1.) A New Nature (vs 14-15)

(2.) A New Beginning (vs 17)

(3). A New Purpose (vs 18-20);



• This week I cam across a child’s definition of a caterpillar?

• “A worm in a fur coat”.

• I like that description!


• A Caterpillar is a prickly, lazy self-centred bug.

• Working hard to go no-where fast.

• Little boys love to quash them.

• Little girls run away with an irritating shriek to their voice.

• Yet something unusual happens to this creature;

• Known as metamorphosis:

• A thick film covers the caterpillar;

• And it entombs itself in its own flesh.

• During what’s called the Chrysalis period.

• A chemical reaction takes place that changes the physical make-up of the creature.

• And soon an emerging butterfly can be seen within the cocoon.

• And when the time is right it breaks free of its cocoon,

• Spreads it s wings and flies off;

• The old life as a caterpillar has finished.

• And it’s new life as a butterfly has just began.


• How many of you remember the TV series (& film) Power Rangers?

• If you do then you will know that there was a time in the show when one the characters;

• The red one would call out: “It’s morphing time!”

• Followed by each ranger calling out his or her own Ranger designation;

• The Power Rangers use their Morphers to change into their costumed forms,

• Initiating an instantaneous transformation or metamorphosis.

• A Morpher gives a Ranger access to their costume;

• Along with enhanced strength, speed and durability to fight monsters

• TRANSITION: Although only fiction (sorry to spoil it for you Scott!)

• The point is they each experienced a change, a metamorphoses.

• In fact our word "transform" comes from the Greek word "metamorphoo",

• From which we get the English word "metamorphosis".

• And we find that Greek word "metamorphoo” in the New Testament;

• There it is used to speak of an even more dramatic change:

• Ordinary people, like you and me;

• People who are sinners by nature and by actions,

• Can be transformed ("metamorphosed”) into the likeness of Jesus.

• That is the hope of every follower of Jesus,

• That they will increasingly take on a change ("metamorphosed”),

• In their behaviour, attitudes, & character and become more like Jesus Christ.


• But how does this dramatic transformation take place? I

• Is it something that God simply brings about in your life by his power,

• Or is something you do through your own sheer effort of the will?


• To that question;

• Is found in our key verse 2 Corinthians chapter 5 verse 17:

• “Therefore is anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation, the old has gone the new has come.”

• In this section of 2 Corinthians chapter 5;

• Paul gives us 3 encouragements about what God can do with a followers life.

• This spiritual metamorphism affects us in at least three ways

• The first change that we receive is a new nature:

(1.) A New Nature (vs 14-15):

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he/she is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!”


“Anyone who belongs to Christ is a new person.”

• Christians are new people.

• At their conversion they were ‘born again’, and they are not the same anymore.

• The Bible teaches that Christians are not merely reformed, rehabilitated, or re-educated;

• They are recreated!

• God gives to every person who becomes a Christian;

• A new nature, the Spirit of Christ!

• At conversion, believers are not merely turning over a new leaf;

• They are beginning a new life under a new Master.

• Paul is saying that every Christian, is a new creation in Christ;

• And they no longer live for themselves, but for Jesus who died & rose for them.


• In my research on the metamorphism of a butterfly.

• I learned that the caterpillar is no help to those around.

• It does not eat other pests!

• In fact it only drinks sap form tress and plants (it’s a kind of parasite).

• It lives a self-centred life.


• One cold winter’s day a crowd of people stood in front of a pet shop window;

• And watched a litter of puppies snuggling up to each other.

• One woman laughed and said,

“What a delightful picture of brotherhood!

Look at how those puppies are keeping each other warm!”

• A man next to her replied,

• “No, ma’am, they’re not keeping each other warm—they’re keeping themselves warm.”

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