Summary: Being What you are: A Sheep in Gods Flock

Reading: Psalm 100.

We looked at Psalm 100 last Word & Worship service;

• And because of our theme tonight (John chapter 10 – Shepherd & sheep);

• I felt it would be a good springboard to use for our thoughts this morning.


• Today, there are about one billion sheep on the planet;

• And around 900 different breeds, many of these sub-classable.

• If you didn’t know; Female sheep are called Ewes.

• Intact males are called Rams.

• Castrated males are called Wethers.

• Year old sheep are called Hoggets.

• Baby sheep are called Lambs

• A group of sheep is referred to as a mob or a flock.

• The average life-span of a sheep is about 7- 9 years although some live longer.

• Some have been known to live as long as 20 years.

• Australia has the most sheep in the world;

• Followed by China, Iran, New Zealand, and India. T

• Sheep are more widely distributed than any other domesticated animal;

• They are found in almost every country of the world.

• Sheep were probably domesticated about 11,000 years ago;

• In what is now northern Iraq.

The picture of a shepherd and a sheep:

• Is one that is found throughout the Bible.

• In fact one of the best known parts of the Bible is about a Shepherd & a sheep


Psalm 23 is often called “The Shepherd’s Psalm”, but it is not the “Shepherd’s Psalm. Although the shepherd is being praised,

• He does not speak one time in this great Psalm.

• A sheep does all of the talking in this Psalm. So it should be called, “The Sheep’s Psalm”


• This morning instead of working through a Bible passage, verse by verse,

• I want this morning to use another form of study.

• That is to take a theme;

• And we will therefore need to look at a number of verses from different places.

(A). The O.T: Israel, God

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