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A humorous story goes thus… an Atheist filed a Public interest litigation that there ought to be a special day for Atheist’s too, much like other days …Mother’s Day, Father’s Day. The Judge who examined his claims is said to have promptly dismissed his petition stating that there is already one in the Annual calendar. When the Atheist demanded what that day could be he was curtly told that it was APRIL FOOLS’ DAY. We smile. Seriously speaking, Bible declares that those who do not believe in God’s existence are Fools (Psalm 14:1, Psalm 53:1). Most toe this line called the BROAD road (Matt 7:13-14) because it is easy and one can live his life on his own terms. Those who trust on material things for “earthly satisfaction” are also branded as “Fools” (Luke 12:13-21) by the Bible for riches do not give lasting joy and satisfaction. If so, celebs who bask and wallow in riches won’t commit suicide.

Let’s go one step further…are those who merely believe God exists better than Atheists? Bible says bluntly that even demons believe that He exists that they shudder (James 2:19). So they are also in other words UNWISE. Being wise is to trust Him in every area of one’s life beginning with Salvation…which the Bible calls the Born-again experience (John 3:3). Then He by His Holy Spirit would transform the surrendered soul into Christ-likeness in the journey of Christian life (2 Cor 3:18).

There may be different definitions for the word Fool. The one of which is “DUPED”. Consider this Scripture...

The god of this age (devil) has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel that displays the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.- I Cor 4:4

On two grounds a Christian can prove that God of the Bible is true. One is

a) National and the other is

b) Personal

Firstly National …

About 300 years ago, the King of Sweden was having personal doubts about God’s existence and the Bible's divine nature. He called for Count Von Zinzendorf, who was the bishop of the Moravian Church, to provide evidence about God’s existence and Divine authorship of the Bible. When the Count arrived, the King told him he had set aside 10 hours to be enlightened on these matters. Zinzendorf said that much time would not be necessary because all he needed to do was to say two words. The King, skeptical, asked, “What words might those be?” Count Von Zinzendorf replied, "The Jews."

How true! One look at the history of the nation of Israel would convince even a hard core atheist/agnostic about the existence of the Almighty and authenticity of the Bible. Is not the entire history of this Chosen Nation an outworking of the Deuteronomic covement enshrined in the 28th Chapter of the fifth book of the Bible? Have not all the blessings so graphically described “chased” the people of Israel whenever, they have sincerely obeyed their Master? By the same token have not the curses too sent by the chastening God “chased” them whenever, they have gone astray?

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