Summary: God has already pronounced blessings into your life...


Genesis chapter one talks about creation. God spoke and it was so.

So did God stop speaking after that? NO!!!

God spoke even after that and it happened…

God told Noah about the FLOOD and it happened

God told Joshua after going around the walls of Jericho 3 times on the 7th day SHOUT…and the wall would come down crashing…Joshua obeyed and it happened

Num 23:19-God is not a man that He should lie

Titus 1:2-God cannot lie

We see something interesting in the book of Joshua

Josh 10:1-13

Kings coming together to take over Gibeon.

The king of Gibeon asks Joshua to come and help. Help arrives and war begins.

God tells Joshua that he will win the war.

By evening Joshua and his men are chasing the enemies and killing them.

If sun sets Joshua and his men will be killed. Because the enemy knows the trap and places to attack. So Joshua prays for the sun and the moon to stay.

When Joshua prayed God put a brake in the speed of the galaxy that was spinning.

Just try getting off a car that is running 20km per hour. You will break your teeth or break bones.

The galaxy spinning at 66,700 miles per hour.

A rocket goes at the speed of 18,500 miles per hour.

If the earth is stopped at that speed all building above 3 feet tall would collapse.

Oceans will break open, Moon would dash inside the earth, Sun would be blown to pieces, Planets will crash.

God created with only one word…so only God can stop it.

The sun stayed for about 24 hrs.

This incident is not a fable or a fancy story.

It was proved in B.C 1421, 1st may. The longest day in history-36hrs.


Luke 1:5-25

Angel of God tells Zacharias that he and his wife would have a son and that they would name him John.

Zacharias doubts and so his mouth is shut. He cannot speak.

What is God speaking to you???

Forgiveness-Who forgives all your iniquities…YOU ARE FORGIVEN

Healing-Jesus told people that he healed, BY YOUR FAITH YOU ARE HEALED. The work is done it is finished.

Victory/winner-Scripture says he will lead us into triumph. This tells me that I’m already a winner and not a loser

Freedom-He that the Son sets free he is FREE indeed. I’m not in bondage I’m FREE

Etc etc…

Luke 1:59-64 Read slow…the point is when Zacharias was asked what his son’s name would be he asked for something to write and there he writes JOHN.


And the scripture says IMMEDIATELY his tongue was loosed.

When we start believing and speaking like God speaks the will be LOOSENINGS, UNLOCKINGS, CHANGES.

Mary said be it unto me according to your word.

God is excited when you start speaking like he does.

God has already spoken his blessings over your life through the scriptures. But nothing will happen unless you do something.


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