Summary: Trust the lord to answer your prayers like he answers the prayer of Daniel.

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I. Introduction

A. Nebuchadnezzar the King of Babylon

1. He is best known as the man who conquered Judah

2. He is probably a larger character than what Pharoah was to Moses

3. He reigns on the throne for 43 years

4. It is noted that Neb. was probably a very religious man like no other Babylonian king

B. The Dream of Neb. In Daniel 2

1. This dream is the prophecy of the four kingdoms before the Messiah sets up His kingdom

2. This dream then becomes very pivotal in religious circles

3. Today we will not deal with the details of the dream, but of Daniel’s preparation to answer the king’s unusual request

C. The Reliance on Worldly wisdom

1. It is important to note the dependence the Babylonians had on human wisdom in multiple facets

2. They worshipped human made gods

3. It can become very easy for us to become reliant on our wisdom and not on God’s wisdom

D. God is capable of answering our dilemmas only if we prayerfully ask Him.

II. Astrologers were Asked (2:1-13)

A. The best of the best of Babylon were brought to answer

1. The probable meanings of the positions mentioned in verse 2

a. Magician (derived from the soothsayer priest of Egypt) probably some sort of position that relies on something supernatural

b. Enchanters (Snake charmer) are those individuals capable of entrancing things (People and other animals)

c. Sorcerers could be those who mutter incantations or speaks in ventriloquial whispers, as if under the influence of the spirits of dead.

d. Astrologers / Chaldeans denotes experts in magic lore or natural sciences

2. In chapter one, we know that Neb. only endorsed those that were the best to be at his side

3. These men were tested in multiple facets

B. The discourse between the King and the Astrologers

1. The king needs a dream interpreted

2. But He will not tell you the dream

a. The first time the Astrologer’s might of thought he was just joking

b. Are you for sure? Attitude

C. The Astrologers answer

1. There is no WAY we could ever do that

2. What do you want us to do dream what you dreamed

3. Note these verses

a. V. 10 – “…there is not a man on earth…”

b. V. 11 – “…No one can reveal it to the king except the gods…”

4. The king then goes about carrying out what he warned

III. God was asked (2:14-18)

A. Daniel is given the opportunity to answer the King

1. He asks the man wisely and tactfully

a. How often are we to blunt when asking for a favor?

b. We have a problem with showing respect to those that deserve such

2. Understanding that if an answer is not reached

a. The wise men will die

b. Daniel will die

c. Daniel’s friends will die

3. Daniel then asks for time to attain the answers asked for

B. Daniel understands only God can answer this

1. Can you imagine Daniel as he walks home

a. What am I doing?

b. Or Boy am I stupid? There is no way I can answer such a question

2. Then it dawns on him. God can answer this

3. God is so capable, but hardly ever given the opportunity in our lives

a. We sit an worry and ask the same questions

b. But we never realize we have the Man on our side

c. We never realize that God is there just waiting for us to ask

d. Illustration of God just waiting for us to pray all day long – just waiting

C. Daniel urges his friends to plead for mercy – pray

1. Okay. Here is his friends.

a. Daniel WHAT did you say.

b. WHAT are you thinking

c. There is no way we will ever come up with that answer

2. Daniel just simply responds please plead with God for mercy

3. The friends then say, “We knew God could answer.”

D. Daniel prays to God

IV. God answered (2:19-28)

A. Daniel immediately thanks God for answering

1. He praises God for His wisdom and Power

a. Do you understand how wise God is

b. Do you know what God can do

2. He praises God for his power over kings

3. For the revelation of hidden and mysterious things – Deut 29:29

4. God understands the darkness and dwells in the light: He knows why we trust Him, though we don’t fully understand

5. Daniel expresses thanksgiving

B. Daniel saves the wise men (v 24-25)

C. Daniel Gives the credit to God

1. Before even interprets the dream he gives credit where credit is due

2. He says no man is capable of what the king asks

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