Summary: One of the Most quoted passages in Christian circles today is Acts 16:31 "Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and You shall Be Saved, you and Your Household." This message gat the rest of the story.


Acts 16:16-40

Dorn Ridge Church of Christ March 01, 2015

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1.) Many of you will remember the news commentary broadcast titled: “The rest of the Story.”

A.) The Late Paul Harvey would give commentary on stories that the regular news broadcasts would not include.

B.) He would dig into people and stories of the past and present and present valuable gems of interest to his listening audience.

2.) Today I want to give the rest of the story of one of the most quoted and misquoted passages of Scripture in all of the Bible.

A.) Today I want us to see the rest of the story of Acts 16:31 that says: “Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you

will be saved – you and your household.”

B.) As we look at this portion of God’s Word this statement was first made in a prison cell by the Apostle Paul.

ba.) But before we look at prison let us see the:


1.)He had a priority of Prayer.

A.) The church continued in regular times of prayer, just as Jews had done earlier.

B.) We are not told if they were still meeting by the river.

ba.) Regardless where they were meeting, prayer remained a priority in their walk with Christ.

bb.) When people are walking with Christ, living in the Word of God, and faithful in prayer Satan is always threatened.

bba.) Because of this, it does not take long until the forces of darkness attack and challenge the servants of God.

C.) In Philippi as those of faith were going for prayer a woman possessed by a demon of hell became a spiritual nuisance to Paul, and Silas, and the body of believers.

ca.) Satan presented a challenge between the:

2.) Prediction of the future versus Preaching the Word of God.

A.) Acts 16:16

B.) Fortune telling and fortune tellers have always been condemned by the Word of God.

ba.) Leviticus 20:6

bb.) Even today, many will look to the stars and daily horoscopes, palm readings, and other avenues to try and predict the future.

bba.) Sadly, even many Christians also look to these things which the Bible has condemned.

C.) Most fortune tellers are frauds, but those which are not are led by the demons of hell.

D.) I want you to notice the message this girl was giving.

da.) Acts 16:17

db.) The testimony this girl was giving was the truth.

dba.) It was even a testimony proclaiming these men were teaching of salvation through Jesus Christ.

dc.) There was absolutely nothing wrong with the content of the testimony this woman was giving.

dca.) The problem with the testimony was the source of the information.

dcb.) Even though at this point the testimony was the truth, it was from a demon of hell.

.01) Neither Jesus, nor the apostles would accept the testimony of a demon because it was first of all from the devil, and secondly, even though in this instance it was the truth, the next instance that demon could be speaking a lie.

.02) Even though this demon was testifying to the truth, the goal of these demons was to discredit and sabotage the work and ministry of Jesus Christ.

E.) Paul was being harassed, and the work for Christ was hindered by this demon possessed girl.

ea.) Paul confronted this demon of hell and cast him out of this girl.

eb.) Acts 16:17-18

3.) Profitless prophet.

A.) The owners of this poor slave girl did not care about this girl.

aa.) They only thought of her as a source of income because of this demon.

ab.) After Paul cast out the demon she could no longer predict the future, and therefore was no longer bringing financial gain for her owners.

B.) Paul and Silas were arrested for stopping the income of these slave owners.

ba.) That is the reason for their imprisonment.


1.) They were dragged into the market place.

A.) Acts 16:19-21

B.) These men were criticized as Jews bringing in customs unlawful for the Romans.

ba.) To understand the reasoning of this charge, I want you to think back to last week’s message.

baa.) I said there were very few Jews in the area because of Emperor Claudius ordering all Jews out of Rome.

bab.) By calling them Jews, rather than Christians, it could stir up the crowds in anger against Paul and Silas.

.01) In fact, this was exactly what happened.

.02) They stirred up so much trouble for Paul and Silas that:

2.) They were stripped and beaten.

A.) Acts 16:22

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