Summary: . Consider that if hell is real then it is the most alarming fact of the universe. Why is there a lack of the fear of hell?

Believe it or Not

Hebrews 10:29-31

Intro: Ripley’s Believe it or not museums. Observe some real mysteries and some good fakes. Unfortunately people treat the subject of hell like that. You can believe it or not.

Natural men hate idea held accountable for lives to a Holy God. Carnal mind objects to it’s reality because don’t want face reality of it. We think if we ignore it then it will go away.

Why study it? 1. Bec it is Bible truth. 2. Knowing about it may awaken people from their false sense of security, unsaved. 3. Awaken saints to our call to rescue the perishing. Every Xn is a witness = either good or bad one. Consider that if hell is real then it is the most alarming fact of the universe.

Why is there a lack of the fear of hell? Ill. If you had a picture of a ferocious lion charging at you on your wall. Not afraid because not in danger. But if in jungle where lions were roaming and that picture came to your mind you be afraid. Because now that picture is very real probability. Men’s consciences are like people who view only painted picture. We read, hear about hell, but we are not aware of reality of how close it is.

Ill. Thought if turn down a/c and turn up heat while preached on hell it might make you more aware!


1. Hell was prepared for the devil and his angels. Mtt.25:41.

2. Sin is the cause of hell.

Ill. Eden “day you eat of the fruit you die”. Physically started process but spiritually died immediately. I think they sinned and did not realize what happened yet. May have thought that nothing happened. Sin deceives us to think we can sin w/o consequences. God “Adam where are you?” Trying get Adam realize how sin affected him. Never knew guilt, shame, never tried hide from God. What were all these strange emotions?

If it were not for the mercy of God providing blood sacrifice and using animal skins as new covering, Adam/Eve would have been in hell today. But now the whole world as they once knew it would be different. Sin brought into the world suffering.

Ill. When you see trouble, innocent hurt, divorce, and tragedy – is God to blame? It is the fruit of sin. “Be not deceived, God is not mocked, whatsoever a man sows…”


A. God’s character is righteous – He cannot do anything less than perfectly right. Hab. 1:13 “Thine eyes are too pure to approve evil.”

B. God’s character is perfectly just. – Righteousness demands things be made right. But justice is more; justice demands something be done about paying for what is not right. Ill. I rob bank, feel guilty take money back. (Find officer- I am sorry, first time, won’t do it again.) Justice demands something be done.

C. God’s character is omniscient – knows what was, is, will be. Cannot ignore reality of sin.

2 ways deal with it.

1. Forgive it by allowing justice of cross, blood Jesus cover sin permanently.

2. For those not accept God’s way of justice they still have their sins. Only option left is collect all sin put in place separated from presence of God. “Depart from me, ye cursed into everlasting fire…” Mtt 25:41. ill. Only one place exists where sin can be placed so as not to contaminate heaven and new earth. Ill. Pastor visited wealthy family had it all. Had son they loved and did everything for him. Something happened to his mind and he reacted violently to parents. Even tried kill them occasionally. Doctor told them for their own safety and health place in special home. With broken hearts they did it. Parents did not love him less, but it was only place he could exist without destroying their lives. God must feel that way about his creatures that end in hell.

III. CHRISTIANS HAVE FORGOTTEN THE BIBLE REALITY OF HELL. Jude 23 “And others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire…”

Ill. Several years ago I remember small child fell into small well being drilled in backyard. Child’s cries could be heard. Hundreds came to rescue. Before long made national news and thousands showed up and prayed and offered help to rescue one child. How much more should Xns respond to souls that are heading fast to hell?

Too many say that’s the preacher’s job. I am not trained. Ill. Suppose person drowning in pool. You there on side. 911 called. Do you wait for those that are trained to arrive and rescue? That would be heartless. Your response to lost souls around you is like that. Your response must be so something to warn, and try to win your family, friends, neighbors.

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