Summary: It may be hard, but not impossible. All things are possible to him who believes.


Jesus replied, "What is impossible with men is possible with God." Luke 18:27

Our God is great and with Him there are no impossibilities. If you’re not ready to believe the impossible, then you’re not ready for a miracle. There are a lot of promises that seem to good to be true in the bible; but you better believe God, all those promises are obtainable! Are you ready to believe the impossible as we pray together today?

God told Mary that she was going to have a child without meeting with any man; that was impossible! Think of it. If you were Mary, would you have believed in God or you would have dismissed the word as impossible? Those that believe the impossible experience the unimaginable; they become stars in life. Believe the impossible!

The things which are impossible with men are possible with God. God can do the impossible. Yes, that’s exactly what He said in His word. Where you cannot, God can! With your own abilities you are unable, but with God you are able to do anything. And that should not come as a surprise to you. We are talking about the same God who created life from a desolate state, who at the wave of Moses’ hands parted the Red Sea and produced dry land; God who raised an army of valiant men from a valley of dry bones(Ezekiel 37), and who destroy Satan’s greatest weapon, death, with His resurrected Son. If He can do those things, and He did, imagine what He can do with a life that trusts Him completely. Believe the impossible!

We are about to pray now, would you stir up faith and just believe that the impossible can happen?


1. Father, I know you can work independent of the process of man. Take me across any process initiated by man and have become difficult for me to go through, in Jesus name.

2. Father, we pray for the barren in our midst (family, office, church). If you can make a virgin conceive without knowing a man, you can give these people children together with their husbands. Our prayer oh God is that the barren in our midst become fruitful before the end of the year in Jesus name.

3. Father, no economic recession can stop you from fulfilling your word. When there is a casting down, your word says, there will be a lifting up for us; we therefore decree today that those amongst us who have been hit by the ongoing economic recession be revived. Whatever they have lost is restored to them in Jesus name.

4. Pray for yourself now: Father, every inability in me that can rob me of being blessed, I exchange for your own ability now in Jesus name.

5. The kind of lifting you have never experienced is coming your way in the month of May. Do you believe this? If yes, pray like this: Father, I believe your prophet and I key into this prophecy. I believe that my unprecedented lifting shall come before the end of the month of May in Jesus name.

6. Father, every good thing I have attempted to do that ended up an impossibility; as you put your omnipotence to it, turn it around and let it bring me joy in Jesus name.

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