Summary: This message describes the blessings one receive while believing God’s Word. Namely answered prayer, strengthened faith, & a mighty influence.

Believe The Words Jesus Speaks (50)

1. You Will Receive Answers To Your


- You can go to Jesus in prayer (47b)

. Taking your needs to Him(47b)

. And specifically telling Him what

you need Him to do (47c)

- Keep your faith in Jesus (48)

. Even if you don’t immediately

receive answers to your prayers

. Even if your prayers seem to be

going unanswered

2. You Will Experience Strength For

Your Faith

- The Word of God will build up your


. In fact Romans 10:17 says,

“Faith comes by...hearing the

Word of God.”

. Every time we hear, read, or

study God’s Word our faith is

being built up.

- The Word of God will make your

faith strong (49)

. God’s Word will build in you the

determination (50a)

. Even the tenacity you need to

hold onto our faith in Jesus.


- The Word of God will produce

great results (51)

. It will lead us to the answers

for our prayers

. It will lead us to help for our


. It will lead us to peace for


. It will lead us to a calm for fear

. It will lead us to provisions for


. It will lead us to strength for


. It will lead us to healing for the


. It will lead us to salvation for

our souls

- Yes Jesus will fulfill the

promises made in God’s Word


3. You Will Influence Other People To

Live For Jesus (53b)

- Jesus wants you to put your

faith in Him

- Jesus also wants you to share

your faith with your family


- Look for people who are hurting,

discouraged, and struggling

. Share the great things Jesus

has done for you with them

. Pray for Jesus to reveal himself

to them and they would receive

Him into their life

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