Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: This examination of the trial of Jesus challenges us to consider our our faith.


MARK 14:53-65

Are you a believer? If you are what difference is it making in your life? A man who was an avowed atheist was enjoying a swim in the ocean when out of the corner of his eye he caught a glimpse of a dorsal fin, headed right for him. He began to swim wildly toward the beach but the fin drew closer and closer. Finally in desperation he cried out, “Dear God in Heaven Help Me!” All of the sudden a bright light shown down from heaven, it was as if time was standing still, and a the voice of God spoke, “I thought you we an atheist and didn’t believe in me yet you want me to help you?” Well the atheist did some quick thinking and replied, “You are right God I don’t believe in you and so I’m not really asking help for myself I’m just asking that you will make that shark that is chasing me a Christian.”

God responded, “Your petition is granted.” At which point the shark rose up out of the waters, folded his fins and prayed, “I thank thee O Lord for this meal I am about to receive.”

Well I don’t imagine we have any atheist here this morning, but among those of you who are here I would imagine there is a wide range when it comes to your belief. Some of you may have a seeking faith, others of you a struggling faith, still others a kind of apathetic faith, and for some your faith if rock solid. Wherever you are at the events surrounding the trial of Jesus before he was crucified give us pause for examining our own faith. I want to read just a portion of what went on from Mark 14:53-65.

The religious leaders of the day were faced with a dilemma, what were they going to do with Jesus? We read of their decision. The reality is that you and I are faced with the same decision, what are you going to do with Jesus? The biblical account of Jesus trial suggest some choices we have.


It is OK to do this to honestly seek the truth about Jesus, to want

proof. A couple of things to watch out for...

A. The danger of preconception. Jesus condemned before trial.

1. 55,56 They couldn’t find evidence but it didn’t stop their

plan to have Jesus put to death.

2. Preconception...Jesus is Love how could he condemn anyone

How could he heal some and not others? How could he let

this happen to me? Jesus is Judge. I can’t measure up.

B. The dilemma of unfairness.

1. The trial was not Legal according to the Sanhedrin’s own

rules. (A council of 71 leaders, Chief priests, elders, experts

In the law) 3 things wrong..

a. Held at night, Jewish law said trials must be held in daytime

b. Met in the wrong place, Sanhedrin was to meet only in the

Hall set aside for that purpose, held at house of high priest

c.Prohibited by law from rendering verdict on same day that

the trial was held.

2.Some of you have heard of Lew Wallace, the famous governor, general, and literary genius. Wallace agreed to write a book that would forever explain the "myth" of Christianity. For two years, Mr. Wallace studied the leading libraries of Europe and America, seeking information that would enable him to destroy Christianity. While writing the second chapter of his book, he suddenly found himself on his knees, crying out, "My Lord, and my God." He could no longer deny that Jesus Christ was the Son of God. Later, Lew Wallace wrote Ben-Hur, probably the greatest novel that has been written concerning the time of Christ.


A. The Sin of Judas

1. Betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver

2. His character was one of greed, see John 12:4-6

3. Sin of betrayal brought on by deeper problem of greed, the

worship of money.

B. The struggle you and I face.

1. We too can be drawn to worship things, money, possession

rather than Jesus.

2. Matthew 6:24...which master do you serve?


A. Peter denied Jesus in an antagonistic atmosphere.

1. Few hours before he had be confident, when they came for

Jesus, he had been ready to go to battle(vs 47) but in the

Enemy territory He denied Jesus...

2. Do you have antagonistic atmospheres in your life?

B. Beware of circumstances determining faith commitment

1. I Peter 3:14,15

2. We prepare right now for the difficult circumstances, those

times when it becomes hard to live out our faith.


Mark 15:1-15

A. Look at the Crowd–The need to belong is strong!

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