Summary: I like the way Benaiah kills a lion in a pit on a snowy day! That is going to be our focus of study today, he went against all odds and slew the lion despite the snow!


1 Chronicles 11:22”……Benaiah also went down and struck down a lion in a pit on a day when snow had fallen.”

People who are God-driven are not ‘ lazy couch potatoes’ but are gutsy people who would go out of their comfort and convenient zones to achieve great things for God! Are you listening? I would like to first give an intro about Benaiah who is not a heart-throb of all people like Moses or Joshua; yet, he is in the work force of king David. We get to know about this warrior in the book of Chronicles; however, you would miss him, if you don’t pay attention to minute details. I like the way he kills a lion in a pit on a snowy day! That is going to be our focus of study today, he went against all odds and slew the lion despite the snow! We need such tenacious, dauntless, plucky warriors who overcome hurdles rather than buckle down to pressures! Are you listening?

Benaiah is described as a doer of great deeds! Yes, we got to be doers rather than empty trumpet blowers! Be it rain or snow, Benaiah-like people would finish the job entrusted to them with perfection without giving lame excuses. Execution is predominant! Do it!

If the computer machine or copying machine is down, find out other sources to get the job done. Think, act and accomplish! Don’t return with excuses, each one of us have to navigate through a series of difficult situations and finally get the job done. Most important, do not brag or nag about how it was done; the inconveniences faced during the journey of getting something done should be left unsaid. Are you listening? The flavor of victory is lost when you give a long list of woes, cut it! Benaiah went into the pit on a snowy day, killed the lion and went away, David came to know about it and promoted him as his body guard. Did you see that? Awards will come when you remain faithful, honest, committed and loyal! Be accomplishers! Your pain, discomforts, agony and distresses experienced during the process of getting the job done would reach the person whom you are working for. God would do the talking on behalf of you! I know of wives who slog in the kitchen; yet, get very little appreciation or recognition for their hard work done, not to worry friends, God would reward you. Admiration, accolades and appreciation would definitely come! Benaiah’s further achievements reached the palace of king David and he was finally made the head over the army! Wow! 1 King 2:35”The king put Benaiah the son of Jehoiada over the army in place of Joab..” Sincere, good work even if it is done inside the pit on a snowy day would surely reach the ears of the king! God is looking for Benaiahs’ who would kill lions in a pit on a snowy day!

Recently a team booked tickets for our “Abide in Christ” fire camp that was held in May three months in advance but unfortunately missed the train on the day of travel, the next day was the meeting; yet, they dared to board the General compartment and travel in the midst of severe inconveniences, pain and discomfort. These are the Benaiahs’!

“It’s not what you do, but how much love you put into it that matters.”

― Rick Warren,

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