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Summary: Besides skill and gumption, you need patience and character as well to scale hurdles and boulders in our life! It is never going to be smooth and easy all the while! Are you hearing me?

Bench players!

2 Kings 2:9 (quickview) ”….Elisha said, "Please let a double portion of your spirit be upon me."


Cricketer Parveez Rasool of Jammu and Kashmir being denied a chance to play for India in all the five ODIs against Zimbabwe recently has been the hot topic of discussion all over the country. While guns were being pointed at Captain Virat Kohli for overlooking Rasool, I particularly liked the comments from one of the articles, “Rasool has talent and his day will come.” Hurray! Let’s stop the blaming game, pointing fingers, mocking, cursing and kicking; instead, if you are in the bench waiting for your chance, patiently wait for your turn. Besides skill and gumption, you need patience and character as well to scale hurdles and boulders in our life! It is never going to be smooth and easy all the while! Are you hearing me? I waited for months to get the first kid to join our school, I had to weep several nights during the course of our ministry, we had to see nearly 100 houses before we got the present building of our church for rent….it is never going to he easy. Dig your heels deep and stand firm!

Elisha was at his unflappable best by hanging on to his mentor Elijah during the fag end of his days on earth, before being taken up to heaven – Elisha did not budge an inch away from him; yet, Elijah said, ‘if you see me when I am taken from you, then you will get the double portion of the anointing.” Hard bid indeed! The double portion of anointing would not be given to a person who is sluggish and listless; instead it is reserved for those who are steadfast, focused and firm. Elijah wanted Elisha to be worthy to receive the blessing! Jesus categorically said: ‘if you walk the narrow path, then you can get to heaven - not otherwise. ”Many of us want blessing without sweat and hard toil! Just reading my daily devotions would not suffice, you got to open the Bible and smell the ‘Bread of Life’ for yourself. Are you listening? There are many out there who open a Christian website early in the morning to read ‘promise for the day!’ Don’t cheat yourself, the Bible says, ‘God "will repay each person according to what they have done."’ (Romans 2:6 (quickview) )

Elisha was bombarded on all sides to give up his pursuit of asking for double portion of anointing; yet he persevered till the end. Don’t take your foot off the pedal! Keep pedaling until you reach the destination! Dedication, determination and diligence is what is lacking among the Christians today; they are like seeds planted besides thorns or in rocky places, the moment trials and tribulations pop up, they are ready to quit. Endure the heat! Trophies don’t come to people overnight – it is the fruit of hand work and commitment.

Instead of fretting and fuming for not been given a chance, I recommend you to kneel and pray for a breakthrough. There are many out there waiting in the bench for a job, marriage, healing and much more….I may not have all the answers for the delay but I sure can tell you: HE WOULD SURE SHOW UP!

Someone said: ‘The Bible will work. Everything in the Bible works if you believe in it.”


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