Summary: There is one main question which is dominated to the whole stanza Q. 1 How can a young man keep his way pure? And rest of the passage is answering that question only But the 2nd question we should ask Q. 2 How do we become unholy, unclean?

1 We will do some observations

A. Some important words or lines

a. How?, young man, ways pure – guarding word – 9

b. Whole heart, seek, drift away, your commands – 10

c. Stored/treasured, word, heart, sin – 11

d. Teach me, laws/statutes, Blessed LORD – 12

e. With my lips, declare, rules – 13

f. Joy/rejoice, path, your laws, riches – 14

g. Meditate, precepts/guidelines, fix, eyes, ways – 15

h. Delight, statues, forget, word - 16

2. Discussion

a. Verse 9 – How can we Keep our ways pure and why?

- Is this for young people, who is young, is it not for the 35 or 40 + what?

- How can we keep pure our ways?

- Answer is – by guarding our ways by the word of God – what it means and how it works?

b. Verse 10 – Seeking God with whole heart so that we don’t drift from his ways

- What is the meaning of seeking (Strong desire) Him, why we need to seek Him with what kind of heart?

- Is it possible that we drift from his commands? If yes than what happen - if No than why and how?

- What we are seeking the most in our life today and with what kind of heart?

- Why he or we should pray this pray?

c. Verse 11 – Word can keep us from sin or sin will keep us from the word, choose rightly

- How we keep our treasure?

- Where we keep our treasures?

- Why we keep our treasure so carefully? And where?

- How the word of God is treasure?

- Why this verse tells us to treasure word of God in heart?

- How it is possible that if we treasure word in our heart, it will save us from sin?

- What is treasure for us and how and where we keep that?

d. Verse 12 – How and why we need to learn from God and his words – learning keep us humble, learning keep us grow, we need to learn God’s word in our whole life.

- Who/how God is?

- Why we need to learn God’s word?

- Why we need to learn from God and how can God teach us his words?

- What if we don’t learn God’s words but we try to learn everything?

- Why it is important or core to learn the word of God?

e. Verse – 13 – To tell others all the rules of the God – by our action keep our ways clean

- Why we need to tell others the word of God?

- How can we tell others the word of God?

- When we don’t tell others the word of God?

3. The centrality of word of God - Word of God needed in every areas of our life and for everything - V. 9-16

1. How - Making/keep/pure our lives – Word – V. 9

2. God - Seeking, whole heart, drift – Word – V. 10

3. Treasures/hidden, stored – Word – V. 11

4. Praise be to you O Lord – Word – V. 12

5. Declared/proclaim tell others – Word – V. 13

6. Joy/Delight/Rejoice, Riches – Word – V. 14

7. Meditate, fix my eyes – Word –V. 15

8. Delight, not forget – Word – V. 16

The question is how can we cleanses our everyday life

1. By conducting (obeying God’s word

2. Delight in the God’s word

3. Hid the God’s word in our heart

4. Meditate upon the God’s word

5. And share it with others

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