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Summary: This is the 8th study in the study "Intimacy". This study shows how a marriage can grow stronger and stronger through the years.


Song of Solomon 6:4- 8:4

We have watched this couple form the first time they met, to their wedding, to their Honey Moon, to a fight, and to the reconciliation after the fight. The first years in marriage are extremely difficult. There are many reasons for this. Newlyweds are trying to learn how to live with someone. They have to learn how to share, how to solve problems, etc… There are times when Newlyweds ask themselves if all of this is worth it. Marriage takes a lot of work and many Newlyweds never thought about that when they got married.

Let me give you some encouragement if you are a Newlywed that is ready to just give up. Marriage gets better and better as the years go by. Let’s watch Solomon and the Shulamite woman’s marriage grow.

Song of Solomon 6:4- 8:4

We have covered an extremely large amount of Scripture in this study, but that is because we have already covered this in past studies. We find Solomon describing his wife just as he did on his Honey Moon. We find Solomon and his wife describing their sexual experience just as they did concerning their Honey Moon.

What does this tell us? It tells us that sex in marriage is a very important part of marriage. Some people think it is something that is real strong at the beginning of the marriage, but after a couple of years does not matter; but sex becomes more intimate as the years go by. This is because the husband and the wife want to please one another and they have had time through the years to learn what is pleasing to one another. (This paragraph may make some people uncomfortable, but don’t forget that sex is a gift from God in marriage.)

Also notice that as the years go by, Solomon becomes more and more thankful to God for his wife. The day I got married, I did not think I could ever love my wife anymore than I did at that moment; but after 12 years of marriage I love her so much more now than I did then, and I believe I will love her even more in 20 years. The first couple of years of marriage are usually plagued with much fighting and tears; but as the years go by the fighting slows down and so does the tears. It seems like there are many more smiles than tears as the marriage grows.

Just A Thought

If you have been married 3 years or less, list the top 3 problems you find in your marriage.

Keep this list somewhere that you can find it in a few years and see if these same problems exist in your marriage.

If you have been married 3 years or more, list the top 3 problems you had in your marriage in the first 3 years (if you can remember them).

If these problems are gone, put a check mark next to that number.

Wednesday Evening Bible Study

Series: Intimacy (Study In Song of Solomon) #8

March 26, 2003

Bel Aire Baptist Church Marriage Class

Pastor Shawn Drake

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