Summary: This sermon has many seeds. It concentrates on the rulership of God, His Power, Promise and Praise. An encouraging sermon for those discouraged by life.


Colossians 3:2 "Let heaven fill your thoughts. Do not think only about things down here on earth." Revelation 4:1 "After these things I looked, and behold, a door standing open in heaven."

John lived in the same world in which we live in the midst of brokenness. But he looked, and beholds, an open door, open into heaven, that gives comfort, encouragement, and perspective.

OPEN DOOR OF - Power -- Promise -- Praise

From Rev 1:9 we learn John was in exile, banned to lonely island, destitute on account of persecution because of the gospel of Jesus Christ, John’s world, then, had become so very small -- a little island in a big sea.... And he was powerless to break out of it....

John seen Jesus’ works had seen His miracles, His power. The blind received their sight, the lame walked, lepers were cleansed. He’d been arrested, crucified, broken, dead.... by the power of God Christ had risen from the dead. He saw the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, the enormous growth of the church.

And then John’s world, fell apart, Stephen was martyred, and persecution broke out against the church.... the gospel continued to be preached, but the mass converts of the early days no longer occurred. Churches were instituted in throughout Asia Minor, but they’re small..., and beset with strife. In Rev 2 and 3 Christ relates to John His church reports. And what does He say?

1. Ephesus, He says that the place is doctrinally sound, but lost their first love --

2. Smyrna Jesus says that difficult days are ahead, for persecution is coming....

3. Pergamos is internally divided there is a group known as the Nicolaitans, who want to build a compromise with the world those who think that light can co-exist with darkness.

4. Thyatira allows Jezebel to belong in their midst..., and so tolerates idolatry in the church.

5. Sardis, Jesus says, is dead.

6. Philadelphia, on the other hand, is good, alive. But, Jesus adds, this church is weak, ineffective in their community. The powerful works of the early church are not there....

7. And Laodicea is lukewarm...


"After these things" John "looked, and behold, a door standing open in heaven!" We need to know: the way the verb is written in the Greek indicates that the door was once set open and now stays open! This door did not shut, and will not shut. John is invited to pass through the door himself.

What John sees: He saw a throne, and we understand: the throne represents authority, government.

On the throne John saw One sitting. - A King - sitting. He’s not riding out to battle, not working to overcome challenges against his throne, but is seated securely on that throne - there are no threats to His dominion. He is King triumphant. This king is like jasper, sardius. He who sits on the throne is divine. He Is The Ruling One --Psa. 45:6.

The "jasper" is clear and bright. It is possible that it is the same as a diamond and it speaks of "firmness". This comparison reminds us that our God is "firm and unchanging the "sardine" stone is a blood red stone

John sees a sea of glass, like crystal in its clarity, the sea of glass again pointed up the majesty of the One who sat on the throne.

The prophet Ezekiel had seen these living creatures also and called them cherubim (Ezek 1, 10) angels. The one has a face like a lion -- The second has a face like a calf -- The third has the face of an eagle -- The fourth has the face of a man --The Lion pictures Jesus as He is portrayed in the Gospel of Matthew -- The Lion of the tribe of Judah. As a Lion, Jesus possesses majesty, power ad authority. ƒnThe Calf pictures Jesus as He is portrayed in the Gospel of Mark -- The Suffering Servant. As a servant, Jesus demonstrated service and strength. The Man pictures Jesus as He is portrayed in the Gospel of Luke -- The Son of Man. As the Son of Man, Jesus possesses perfect intelligence and absolute moral righteousness. The Eagle pictures Jesus as He is portrayed in the Gospel of John -- The Son of God come down from Heaven. As the Son of God, Jesus possesses majesty and transcendence

OPEN DOOR OF - Promise

It is worthy to note that the "Sardius" and the "Jasper" were the first and last stones in the breastplate of the High Priest, Ex. 28:17-21. The "sardius" represented the tribe of Reuben, and the "jasper" represented the tribe of Benjamin. These two stones were representative of all twelve stones and were a reminder that God always kept His people and His covenants with His people close to His heart. In other words, these stones were a constant reminder that God would keep His Word and do everything He had promised to do

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