Summary: This is the 4th sermon in the series on the fallout from King David’s decision with Bathsheba. Bad Advice can lead us astray. See the video or download audio at

Made For A Mission-Beware of Bad Advice

April 27, 08 2 Samuel 13:1-9 Philippians 4:4-9

There is only one thing worse than some bad advice, and that’s getting some bad advice and following it. How many of you have ever gotten some bad advice in your life? You were made for a mission, and nothing will get a mission headed off in the wrong direction quicker than following some bad advice.

Believe it or not, some of the worse advice we can get will originate out of our own hearts and minds. How many of you talk to yourself and have little conversations with yourself? Have you discovered yet, that you will lead your ownself astray with some bad advice from self talk. You may not have all the facts necessary to make a wise decision. A little knowledge can be a bad thing.

We are going to continue on with the fall out from King David’s decision to go for a walk on his roof late one night. In our last message, David lost an infant son. Today we want you to meet his first born son. His name was Amnon. As the first born son, Amnon would by law be the first in line to become the next king.

Everybody wanted to be his friend, because he was the upcoming man. He has a reputation for really turning on the women. He’s a ladies man and quite the player. He can get away with a lot because he’s the king’s son, and people want to be connected to him so that when he’s top dog, the man, the king, they will have an inside track for favors.

Amnon finally ran into a young woman that could not be swayed by his charm or his position. He wanted her so badly that he knew it just had to be love. He came up with all kinds of schemes to get a chance at being alone with her, but nothing was working. Her name was Tamar and she was absolutely beautiful. She was the sister of Absalom. Amnon became so frustrated at not being able to make a move on Tamar that he started to make himself sick on the inside

The bible tells us that Tamar is the sister of Absalom for a reason. Absalom is Amnon’s brother which makes Tamar his sister. We have here two sets of David’s children by two different women. The bible is a real book about real life and real situations. Amnon is really considering incest, which is having sex with someone in your family. We don’t like to think that incest goes on in churches, but it does. It begins like it began with Amnon. A person takes some bad advice from himself or herself about how great it would be to have so and so.

Parents we don’t want to think our kids in our family look at each other in sexual ways and act upon it but they do. We don’t want to think that our brothers or aunts, or fathers or grandfathers, would touch our kids in the wrong way but they sometimes will. Listen to what your youth are saying to you, and don’t look naively when you discover some things on your own.

Remember, sin infects all of our hearts, and if we listen to our hearts, we will get some bad advice. There may be someone here today who is being molested. That’s not God’s plan for you, and you can come to us for help. There may be someone here today who is thinking of molesting someone else in the family. Do not ruin your life or the life of the person you are looking at. Don’t listen to the bad advice you’re giving yourself of how easy it will be, and how great it will feel. You will be reaching into a pit of poisonous snakes and you’re going to get bit. If you are already involved in incest, its time for it to stop now.

Amnon was determined to get what he wanted at any cost. So since he could not come up with a plan, he went around with his mouth poked out hoping somebody might be able to help him. It was no accident that he ended up with a fellow by the name of Jonadab. Jonadab was a person who looked out for himself.

Jonadab would use whatever opportunity he could to get some dirt on you or to try to make you think he was your friend. He was much older than Amnon and was actually Amnon’s cousin. He was looking for a way to get in good with the future king. He had a reputation for being a very shrewd man. He knew how to help you get what you wanted, but the fact that he was very shrewd let you know, God was nowhere near his life. Don’t go to a Jonadab for advice!

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