Summary: False prophets/evangelist /pastors / Bishop/ Reverend outwardly appear as ministers of God in their behavior, calling, and message. They come in a deceptive manner Pretending to be genuine.

Matthew 7:15 says: Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.

Looking at this verse, it shows these prophets possesses both inward and outward characters.

a) Outwardly: they come in sheep’s clothing

False prophets/evangelist /pastors / Bishop/ Reverend outwardly appear as ministers of God in their behavior, calling, and message. They come in a deceptive manner Pretending to be genuine.

b) Inwardly: they are ravenous wolves and are found to be mercilessly ferocious and deceptive.



No one likes to be deceived , conned or being taken advantage of. We have seen fake job advertisement, fake business proposals and fake dating sites where people have been deceived and bitterly wounded.

In this jet age, as more people get conned by 419 and fraudsters on the internet and even face to face, we are more aware and more knowledgeable of situations which may alert us of any fraudulent activities to avoid been victimised.

unfortunately, this is not the case in our spiritual lives. When dealing with religious matters We find it easy to trust those who speak on behalf of God. Because we think they Must Be Telling the Truth!

Sometimes when we are going through certain issues in life like finding Mr and Mrs. Right most women do visit these false prophets for solutions. These prophets will prophesy in the name of God for their own benefit , deceiving and manipulating ladies to become their wives. most ladies have been led out of the purpose and the agenda of God for their life and their destiny has been perverted .

some people have been conned by false prophet who will ask them to pay lump sum of money for healing and deliverance and in the end no show and they end up losing their money.

Some have been to false prophet who will lay hand on them and their virtues and destiny will be transferred to the false prophet and their lives will even become worse than before.

Some desperate women looking for children have slept with these prophets and end up losing their virtues instead of getting pregnant. Some will even end up getting pregnant for these false prophets causing turbulence in their marriages.



A person’s character, motives, attitudes, and ambitions will show in their behaviour.

2.TEST ALL SPIRIT (1John 4:1)

Before going to any church or visiting any prophets/evangelist /pastors / Bishop/ Reverend pray well and test the spirit operating within that environment. Ensure you go to a church where the word of God is been preached undiluted.

False prophet do not care about you, Instead their desire is to use you for their own benefit and destroy your destiny.


1.Be careful where we go to seek spiritual help so that we don’t get trapped in the cage of a false prophet.

2.Get intimate with God so that He can reveal to us the secret we need to know about our life.

3.Believe that no one does it better than God, no one knows us better than God and no one can solve our problem better than God.

4.Have faith that God is able to give us Mr and Mrs right, give us children, good job, peace, good health and everything we need in life.

Please Give your life to Jesus if you have never done so before.

Please say “Lord I believe you died for me on the cross, I confess my sins to you, forgive me Lord, give me the power to sin no more in Jesus name. Amen


Lola Olanrewaju



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